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27 Nov 2021

Gold Pandas

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As you all know I am doing a series of blogs simply titled "Animals on Coins" I have done two others on Silver Pandas and Turkeys on coins. Today I will do it on Gold Pandas. Currently I have none but I will eventually get one but for now i'm sticking to Silver Pandas. If you want I have posted a few collections over the past week so go take a look at those.

The Gold Pandas were the first of the bullion panda series. A year later they added the silver and platinum pandas. Gold Pandas started in 1982 to date (2022). They contain .999 pure gold. They were created in China at the Shanghai Gold Mint. They put a panda on it due to the popularity of the panda in China. Each year they put different panda(s) on these coins. The obverse on the other hand featuresthe Temple of Heaven, the country's oldest Taoist temple in Beijing. They are as small as 1/20th oz to as large as 12 oz. The small ones (1/10th oz) are around $250 dollars and normal (1 oz) are about $2,000. They are low mintage and good investments. As Longstrider commented they and the silver panda series are very popular and highly collected. They are great coins and great numismatic investments! I like them and I hope you do! Who wouldn't like an adorable panda coin made out of gold?

Panda isDa Xiong Maoin China, which means giant bear cat. The panda has been a big part of Chinese culture. The panda is really popular not just in China but all around the world. The symbol of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been the panda since they founded it in 1961. Pandas have been endangered until 2016. We need to protect the pandas and wildlife.

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Beautiful coins I like panda is my protector for all , thank for sharing .


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