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28 Nov 2022

I’m Back! And the to be grading service CAC?

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Hello fellow Numismatists,

I am finally back from about a months break from the ANA website. I have been quite busy over the past few weeks but I finally decided to do a blog again. I have been to quite a few coin shows lately and have picked up some cool new coins. I also want to say that I won second place exhibiting at the South Carolina Numismatic Association's (SCNA) Annual Coin Show with my Chinese Silver Panda Coin exhibit. I came second to my brother, Thatcoinguy and won second out of 3 people.

At that same show, I bought a PCGS MS-66 1936-D San Diego Classic Commemorative for $210. Speaking of which, I also upgraded my 1936 Albany Commem from MS-64 to MS-65 for a $30 extra. Both pieces are exceptional and have booming luster. Other notable purchases include a 1983 Colombian Expedition Commem for $10 and a 1988-S Olympiad Commemorative Silver Dollar.

Something that I wanted to share with you was that the company CAC is going to start their own grading service. You may have already heard that the company CAC, which puts green bean stickers (and sometimes gold stickers) on PCGS and NGC graded coins, to tell that they think the coin is good for its grade. Now, they want to start their own grading service, just like PCGS, ANACS, and NGC. They will start grading in early 2023, but are still taking submissions right now. I've hear that they will even grade any coin you have if it has a CAC sticker for free. I'm not entirely sure if they will discontinue putting out green bean stickers or not. I think that they have a chance of competing with other third party grading services like PCGS and NGC, especially since NGC is going to up their price after they were bought by CCG.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!




Level 7

Im glad I read tis again. Congratulations to you and your brother winging first and second place. You two make a great pair in the hobby. I don't believe there is nothing you guys can't do. Keep up the good work!!

Those coins look really lustrous! Sadly, I’m saving up my money and can’t spend anything, so I haven’t gotten any coins recently.


Level 4

Congrats on the exhibit, none of the coin shows near me have exhibits :( Nice pickups, is that proof half nicely toned? That SD half looks like a CAC. Nice to hear you are still active.


Level 5

Lucky you to have so many coin shows to attend. Nice finds to add to your collection. Competition in grading services is the only thing keeping the others honest.


Level 6

Glad to have you back! Congratulations on your exhibit! Well done! Nice looking commemoratives. You have a good eye for them! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Fabulous acquisitions for your fine collection. Mint State 65 and up are great to have. You were gone for some time or so I thought. Glad to see you. Have you brought up a video in Google recently about a Sacagawea Dollar thst you got lately...?? Just curious. Great. Never give up.


Level 6

You have good taste in commemoratives. Well done on second place as well. Family competition. That makes good conversation on the holidays. Good job. Thanks. Good to hear from you again.


Level 7

You have some nice coins my friend. Not only is C.AC. doing what it will do. N.G.C. will grade coins from 1- 10 dealers only. We send in a coin its still Sheldon scale. They will up the price even higher on ebay. Yes there is much. I wrote a blog on points and do we need them.I of course said no. Were collectors of coins not points. So January 1 2023 no points for anything. Thanks to the members comments they all said no points. So were excellent. Sam showed Miss KIIck done!!We are all equal. No contest!!You did a great job picking up those coins!!


Level 5

Nice purchases on those commemorative coins. And also the others. Have not heard about the CAC grading company. Very interesting for sure. I would think they would still issue stickers for a while anyway? Easier for me to buy graded already. Thanks for the blog on the coin show and your purchases.

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