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21 Sep 2022

More on dimes

| Russ

Hello, ANA!
I need a bit of help from my older numismatists, or anyone experienced in barber dimes.
I was wondering if there were any differences in obverse and/or reverse designs of the proof and business strike barber dimes?
I tried the net, but turned up empty, so I hoped someone would have knowledge on this.



Level 5

No idea besides what was mentioned.

AC coin$

Level 6

Check into,.. Numista.com Cointrackers.com Numiscorner Coinbook.com ...


Level 6

Looks like you got some good answers here! ; )


Level 6

No idea. Not a Barber fan. Good luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I guess technically there is always a difference as proof coins are struck with dies that have been double-struck under higher pressure so more detail is generally seen. As for a real difference such as an extra ear of corn or an extra leaf or two on he wreath. NO, I do not believe so.

Long Beard

Level 5

The short answer, no. Proof and business are simply die variations, one polished the other not so. I am a member of the Barber Coin Collector's Society, you can browse the website for information. And welcome to the ANA! //www.barbercoins.org/index.shtml


Level 7

I would buy a red book. Tell you all about American Coins . Books are were we get our knowledge..None that I know of. The red book doesn't list any.

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