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02 May 2018

2018 Summer Seminar YN Scholarship Auction numismatic donation request

Summer Seminar | Numismatics with Kenny

Hi Everyone,

As we get closer to this year's Summer held during the second half of June, I updated my video requesting numismatic donations for the Young Numismatist scholarship auctions held during both seminar weeks. If you plan on submitting an item(s), please do so soon so it arrives before the seminars begin. I know I speak for all the YNs who receive summer seminar scholarships, we greatly appreciate your generosity.  Without you, many YNs could not afford to attend so please take a look at your collection for an item or two that would be welcomed by another numismatist.

Thank you,


Here is the link:



Thank you for sharing this Kenny!


Level 2

Hi there. Can you give us the information on where to send items to donate for the auction? Is there still time? Thanks!


Level 6

You know Kenny, maybe you could do a video on Y.N.'s at least commenting on some blogs. Even if they don't write their own. I will be sending in auction items but how about a larger contribution from them on this site?? Like when you were blogging. Thanks!

It would be great if more YNs would participate in the blogs. At this year's summer seminar, I will encourage other YNs to log into the ANA accounts and do some blogging. I plan on interviewing each of the YNs to create a video again this year as I have done in the past. I know for the high school YNs, it becomes more difficult to find the time to log in between homework, after school activities, weekend events, etc. The time demands have prevented me from making as many numismatic videos as I would like as well as visiting this site. Good thing is summer will be here soon! Getting very excited about the upcoming Summer Seminars. Kenny


Level 6

Thanks for a reminder Kenny! I'll send something for the YN's auction!!! : )

Thanks for reminding everyone Kenny!


Level 6

Thanks for this. Summer Seminar is a wonderful learning experience.


Level 6

We're working on it..Thanks for the reminder.


Level 7

I'm sorry Kenny I'm not a video type guy. You don't have to worry about it I will send something for the auction . Nice coins . You will enjoy them. Mike.

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