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09 Oct 2018

Mr. Ray Williams - Colonial Paper/Currency Presentation

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Mr. Ray Williams, a very active ANA member and District Representative, was very nice to come to our Delaware Coin Club meeting  in Wilmington, DE to give a presentation on Colonial Currency. As with all of our monthly presentations, I created a video. Here it is and I hope you enjoy it.



Very nice collection of paper money there!


Level 4

Colonial currency is an exciting realm that isn't too well-known. A lot of types of collecting like that get overlooked. I would love to be a part of a coin club, but unfortunately, there aren't any close to me :(


Level 6

You are very lucky to have had that presentation. Great piece of history. Thanks.


Level 6

Sounds like a great meeting! How fun! I'll check out your video. Thanks Kenny!


Level 7

They are great with those visits. But better than that is the gift. You should send it in to protect it don't take a chance with it have it sealed. Everyone handling it will get our hand oils on it. Or put that beauty in plastic looks like a Frank in print. I'm lucky enough to own his token. The red book calls in unique why there are two tokens one with edge writing the red book says that the same price on both is a unique token. It's very sought after took me years. Great blog in love that bill take care of it. Mike


Level 6

Printed by Ben Franklin! I would have loved to attend this talk.


Level 4

Great blog. Thanks for sharing. Jim

Sadly, all my state's clubs are very far away, closest one is an hour, and with school going on, it is not possible to go to any meetings. Colonial currency brings great history of the era of the founding fathers to your hands, if you are lucky enough to own a piece.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Our club has a member present at each General meeting with a special speaker at our November dinner. We also do show and tell so lots of educational opportunities each month. Looking forward to viewing your club's video


Level 6

Educational programs at club meeting are a must. Some clubs just like buying and selling. Educational programs help you understand the hobby.

I agree with you. I belong to five clubs in our area. Three are educational and two are auction type clubs. My dad is responsible for getting speakers at one of the clubs. I know he finds it difficult to find speakers which may be one reason some clubs have become less educational.

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