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11 Jan 2015

Weekly Finds

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Every week, my father and I go to different coin dealers for silver. While I am there, I go through the 20 cent world coin bins. I will use this blog to discuss some of my more recent scores from these places.

This week-1/11/15

Silver World Coins: (Price based on weight)
1964 Netherlands Antilles 1 Gulden (Fish and Star Privy Mark)-XF to AU
1965 Netherlands 1 Gulden-XF
1943 Great Britain 1 Shilling-BU
1953 South Africa 2-1/2 Shillings-VF
1942 Portgual 2.50 Escudos-VF
1915 Great Britain 6 Pence-F
1922 Great Britain 1 Shilling-F
1964 Canada Proof Quarter
1965 Canada Proof Quarter

Regular Word Coins: 20 Cents
1943 Denmark 1 Krone-VF
1964 New Zealand 1 Florin-VF
1959 Vatican City 100 Lire-BU
1997 France 2 Francs-BU (I needed this date)
1980 Portugal 25 Escudos-EF (Low Mintage-Only 750,000)
1972, 1961, 1967, 1976, and 1979 Denmark 5 Kroner-Various Grades (EF to UNC)
(3) 1979 Denmark 10 Kroner-All BU
1994 Ireland 1 Pound (PUNT)-EF
1999 Netherlands 1 Gulden-UNC
1872 Great Britain 1 Penny-Extremely Worn
1985 Netherlands 2-1/2 Gulden-UNC
1963 and 1959 Colombia 50 Centavos-BU and EF, Respectively
1995 France 5 Francs-BU (I also needed this date)
1955 Russia (Soviet Union) 3 Kopeks-VF
1907 Haiti 20 Centimes-VF

I purchased a lot more coins than this, I just listed the ones I thought were worth sharing.

Another thing I noticed that was different than other weeks is there were a lot of Denmark coins. I was surprised at the amount.

Out of all the coins I purchased, 45 different countries were tallied, the most I've ever got before.



Level 7

I also wish my grandfather who I did not know and my father collected coins.


Level 5

what do you mean by 20-cent bin? the coins cost only 20 cents each?


Level 5

I wish my father was interested in numismatics.


Level 5

Wow! That date (1/11/15) is my birthday!

Thank you everyone! I have a lot of fun sorting through the bins since I don't know what I'll find! It's the thrill of the hunt!


Level 5

Good to see that i'm not the only one who patrols the wild territories of the 20-cent bin.


Level 6

Wow! You've collected alot ! Good job!


Level 4

Good Job!

Nice scores!

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