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01 Sep 2016

favorite proof coin

| user_69262

What is your favorite proof coin that you own mine is the national park centennial;


1895 proof Morgan Dollar


Level 7

OK I changed my mind! Were allowed to do that. Two of my friends and myself were asked to design a medal. We took on the project and followed it to the end. We ordered Ten thousand bronze coins and four silver proofs. They were numbered one thru four I got two. I sent it to Anacs and they graded it and slabed it. It is my favorite proof coin. I have a picture in my collections. I can't believe I have a medal in there population! Thanks Mike.

My favorite proof that I own is the Georgia State Park Quarter. My all time favorite is the proof Morgan Dollars.


Level 5

Reverse Proof Eisenhower presidential dollar.


Level 4

The 2016 W American Liberty Silver Medal


Level 6

There are so many good choices, but I think for me its our American Eagle Proof Silver Dollar...a classic! : )


Level 7

I have to say that I like many proof coins. There is not just on I can pick out. After twenty three years it's very hard to say. I have the same problem with all these questions. Today it could be this coin tomorrow another I just cant pick one. Sorry if I disappointed you but it is a great question. It's a very hard question. Thanks it does get you thinking. Thanks. As you go on in this great hobby your taste will change to!


Level 4

I would say that my fav is the proof shield nickels, though I don't own any just yet.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

The special series of Lincoln pennies in the 2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set. And of those, I think the one with his log cabin on the reverse, a very nice coin that one is.


Level 3

You should post photos. :)

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