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01 Sep 2016

favorite US paper money that you own

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what is your favorite US paper money that you own mine is the 1899 Black Eagle $1 silver certificate.



Level 5

The 1899 Black Eagle silver certificate hands down.


Level 6

I've just started to research currency... My only note that I so far is a German 1000 Reichsbanknote dated April 21, 1910. The artwork is beautiful. My "dream note" is the 1901 $10 Bison Note. : )


Level 5

I have a Delaware Colonial dated Jan 1st, 1776. It is my only piece of paper and I have it because I grew up in Delaware.


Level 7

I own an old time horseblanket! Can't remember the date but it's graded 55. I love it. I think the size of it caught my attention then the condition. Price was OK so I pulled the trigger!


Level 6

As of today I only own, making payments, one. It's a 1899 $5 Indian Chief silver certificate. FR # 280. I love it and plan to purchase more paper money.

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