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01 Sep 2016

favorite world coin

Coins | user_69262

what is your favorite world coin mine is the Canadian toonie. 



Level 4

Ooo. Mine has to be anything old. I love collecting ones with history.


Level 5

Australian Kookaburra as a bullion coin. Australian circulating coins really seem to have great designs.


Level 6

I like the Silver Britannia from Great Britain... I love the strong design of the "Warrior Queen and her Lion".


Level 7

Alot of collector's ask this question. I believe your favorite coin changes over the years. It can be a proof coin world coin then you buy a new coin and you can't stop looking at it. I think the question should be what is your favorite coin to collect!


Level 5

my favorite coin is the buffalo nickel


Level 6

I enjoy old Mexican silver coins. The more toned the better. I like to hold them, study the art and think about the history the have been through!

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