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01 Sep 2016

least favorite coin

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what is your least favorite coin. Mine is the 1965 US Quarter because i find so many of them and always think to myself that if it was made the year before that it would be silver.



Level 4

I totally agree with you! It's so annoying.


Level 5

Many of the Euro coins. Poor designs. U.S. Coins I would agree with Kepi - the SBA dollar has no appeal.


Level 7

I agree with long strider. I buy a coin because it catches my eye . Then I want to know about it. I'll ask friends if they collect a certain coin . Then I usually buy it 99% of the time if I like a coin I buy it. If I don't like a coin I don't buy it .


Level 6

My least favorite coin design is the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. It's just not very appealing... just my opinon


Level 6

I don't have one. I love all the little dears just some more than others. As a roll searcher I know what you mean about 1965 silver coins. Thanks!!

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