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07 Jun 2019

Lucky Find (don't overlook dates!)

| TheBoss

Hey guys! So I periodically buy some world coin bags from Amazon and a few months ago, I bought a bag that was quite expensive compared to the other bags (It was $17) and wasn't expecting too much. I still looked forward towards the order and soon enough, it came. I sat down on my collecting desk and gently poured the contents of the bag onto a velvet pad. I was shocked to see the number of pre 1950 coins that came tumbling onto the pad (there was no silver but its fine with me). As you guys know from my forum (Pre 1940 World Coins), I generally like to collect pre 1950 or pre 1940 when it comes to world coins. Of course, I prefer US coins over world coins but hey, I need variety! I quickly sorted out the old coins from the new ones. The bag had about 50 coins and I would say 30 of them were pre 1950, 10 of them were pre 1960, and only a couple were newer. It was a pretty good bargain price as I matched the coins to the Krause catalog coins. Most of the pre 1950's were worth $0.75 +. But all the excitedness escalated as I picked up a coin that was nearly dismissed as the average coin from the pre 1950 batch. It looked the same as any mexican centavo that circulated from about 1900-1945, which are really cheap today as I have a near complete set of them. But no, it was the key date 1916, and it was in ef condition (worth $100+). I quickly brought it to the dealer and he confirmed it was real. They only made 500,000 of them that year and it even had light toning on it. That was the highlight of the search and I truly found a great bargain.... Lesson: Don't overlook coins if they look like regular, cheap junk. Check every one.
Thanks, TheBoss



Level 5

Nice work!


Level 6

Great finds! You really have to look over every coin! ; )

Very nice find congratulations!🍾🎉🎊🎈


Level 4

Woot! I never really pay attention to world coins. It doesn't seem worth the effort to look them up. Maybe I should?


Level 4

Great find Congrats


Level 6

That is a nice find. Have you checked out this site for info on world coins? https://en.numista.com/


Level 6

That is great. Bargains are out there.

Great find!


Level 7

My mentor good me always diverisfy. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. I was against it at first but it paid off . I now own beautiful coins from here but the world. Collect what you want and enjoy it.


Level 4

Nice blog. I love to go through the foreign bin at my LCS. Some real treasures to be found. Congratulations on your discovery.

The MoKe

Level 6

Wow, excellent find, I might have to get my own Amazon lot. Thank You for sharing your outstanding find.

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