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23 Mar 2020

What am I saving up for?

Coins | Coin Collecting With Tyler

I looked on eBay last week and I saw a amazing PL 1882 CC and that is what I am will be saving up for! I am very excited to get that coin later in June when I am all finally saved up 222 dollars. It will be very exciting when I get that coin! YAY!!

01 Feb 2020

Inherited a coin collection

Coins | Coin Collecting With Tyler

If you inherited a coin collection than you should use these simple steps!1. Go to a coin dealer for an estimated price2. Talk to your parents if you plan of selling it 3. Join a coin club near your area, so that they can give you tips on what to do with the collection4. Explore the collection a little bit, check if they are US coins or World coins. When I buy coins from other dealers, I look at the coins and check if they have been cleaned or damaged.

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