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14 Nov 2020

62nd Annual Indiana State Numismatic Association Show

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Well, it has happened. Up until 2 weeks ago, we were feeling pretty good about our show going on as planned. In the last couple of days, the Governor of Indiana and mayor of Marion county have imposed restrictions making it impossible for our show to go on. The 62nd annual Indiana State Numismatic Association scheduled for the first weekend in December has officially been canceled.We will be contacting dealers throughout the weekend and sending out notifications to ISNA members. This is always a great show. The Saturday youth auction is always well attended with most of the dealers make donations.



Level 5

While it's sad, it's also for the best. I am sure that after canceling this year's show, next year will be a blast! (As long as we get the virus under control by then)


Level 6

I am going to make a lot of people angry here. Ready, here goes: I feel the government should stand down and let us decide what we want to do. Open it up. Sure there will be a hit. This thing isn't going away. Like the seasonal flu, which kills more people than this plague. At risk people will need to monitor who they will be near. Remember heard immunity? The only other answer is to have all our coin shows at Walmart. They are allowed to do anything. This is not a political comment. If you don't believe me just wait a day or two and the "Scientist" will change their minds again. My opinion. I could be wrong. Sorry Mike.

Long Beard

Level 5

Sad considering the protocols available which could allow them to proceed.


Level 5

Im sorry to hear! I guess the best we can all do is keep our head up, and look forward to the easier times ahead. One simply does not progress when looking only at the bad. Thanks for keeping us posted. Good luck next year! Cheers, NM


Level 5

So Sorry to hear that. Covid seems to be on the increase in so many areas. They haven't cancelled the show here in two weeks, but I think it's going to be cancelled any day now.


Level 6

Sorry to hear that... ; ( 2020 has been quite the year. We just have to keep it together and carry on. Looking forward to a good 2021!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That is very disappointing. They tell us keeping us locked down spreads the virus because of being cloistered together. They tell us being out in public wearing masks and standing 6 feel apart spreads it too, though supposedly slower. It really doesn't seem to make all that much of a difference, so lets get on with life wearing the mask and staying 6 feet apart. Lets get back to a much more normal life.


Level 6

Hopefully. 2021 will be better

Sad to see, I'm going to a small coin show in Toldeo, Ohio this sunday before any more restrictions are placed. It will probably be the last show for a while.


Level 4

Sorry to hear that, it has been a disappointing year as far as shows go. Here in Texas the TNA would have had its 60th anniversary show but of course like yours it was cancelled too. I do appreciate the online educational seminars that have been put on by the ANA and others, but still not the same as being in the mix with other like minded people. Hopefully next year will be better for both the collectors and the dealers who support our addiction to history you can hold in your hands.


Level 7

I'm sorry to hear that. I will speak my mind. This is because people refuse to wear mask. Stay six feet away. The government is not infringing on your rights. There asking you to protect yourself so no one else gets sick. To make sure you don't get sick or worse. We do this and wash our hands we will have shows again. I saw a gentleman not wearing one and I said sir for my health. Would you kindly wear a mask! No one tells me to were a mask. I said I don't care about you it's those who you make sick. No one is holding a gun to your head there askng!! Better days ahead. This was not ment to offend anyone I'm asking.


Level 5

Yes, our shows have never started back up! January will be a year now. Sorry for the bad news ! We'll get through this together ! Stay safe, HEALTHY, and strong my friend!


Level 5

Sorry to hear. We got lucky here in Pennsylvania with the PAN show last month. I attended with my wife. Looks like things are on hold again for jyst about everyone. Hopefully the vaccines will get going and come February or March things will be more promising.

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