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04 Jul 2017

Adolph A. Weinman

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My wife and I were spending part of the day today at the Eiteljorg Musuem in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is filled with native American and western art. Much to my surprise I came across this sculpture by Adolph Weinman. I was a little disappointed that they didn't mention anything about his numismatic accomplishments. I guess it shouldn't surprise me. My wife was less than impressed when I tried to explain the significance to her. 



Level 6

Really cool blog! Enjoyed your photo. The sculpture is beautiful, but I think they should have said something about his other works.


Level 6

I guess they, the museum, didn't want to take away from this angle of his work. Maybe not the correct word but you get it, Thanks

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great post. I wonder if they even knew about his "other" history.


Level 5

It is always interesting to discover that people have lives "outside" of numismatics.


Level 7

These sculptures not only did coins but I'm thinking they did coins why not other pieces. They had the talent why not do statues like that beauty you found. That would make a great story. Other sculptures besides coins I'm sure some of them did other pieces of art. Thanks a lot very interesting blog nd it got my mind going and a great picture. Mike


Level 6

Very nice. I would have liked to see this. They should have mentioned his coin credits.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

well the mercury dime and walking liberty half are very interesting pieces. he was a very talented person


Level 6

Enjoyed your story. My wife would probably react the same way.

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