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21 Oct 2020

Calendar Medals

Medals | World_Coin_Nut

Medals like this were first produced at least as early as the 1680's and continued intermittently up through the present day. These were functional for the common man and were frequently used as pocket pieces which can make high-grade examples tough to find.

Calendar medals are not hard to find. Over the years there have been thousands of varieties made. Many of them were dually used as promotional pieces but just as many were purely functional. To this day there are companies that will put your company’s logo on a calendar medal if you so wish.

This is the only piece in my collection. It was minted for use in Austria for the year 1935. In my opinion, it is a little more attractive than most calendar medals. One of the great things is that if you are not picky you can find great examples in many dealer’s “budget” bins. There are tons of varieties of these so go out and find one that interests you.

Diameter: 40mm
Weight: 20.24g

Silver calendar medal by J. Prinz of Österreichischen Münzamt, Wien

Obverse: head of Mercury at center with 4 tables around showing days of the week for 8 months, with main holiday dates in the angles
Reverse: tables arranged in a cross-shape showing the days of the week for June, August, September and December and dates of the full moons, with 1935 above, Zodiac figures in the angles, eclipse dates to right and left, and MÜNZAMT.WIEN at bottom, matte finish

"(hallmark) 885" on edge



Level 6

Always wanted to collect these interesting and beautiful medals.

Long Beard

Level 5

Excellent subject. And what a coincidence that a month dated coin so happens to be in my own blog of the week.


Level 6

Really cool! I like this ; ) I may have to try and find one for my collection!


Level 5

Those are amazing medals. Never seen that I remember. Thanks for posting such an amazing piece. Will start looking for one for myself maybe.


Level 6

I've been thinking of picking up the Aztec calendar one. Not much over spot. Thanks. Good blog.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

These look really cool and sound like a great niche collection. Some Mexican coins have they Mayan calander

I wonder if the Mercury head in the center was because of the US design, or if it was a call back to the Romans and their calendars.

It's Mokie

Level 6

In their heyday, I think Franklin Mint used to make one every year. Thanks for the reminder, maybe I can find 1958 out there somewhere.


Level 5

I never thought about finding one for my birth year. Now you have me thinking.


Level 7

I have been seeing allot of those lately. Even thought of buying one. Good blog on a very sought after medal. They made on in England I think it was Kempson or someone else. Now I have to look and buy one. Thanks my good friend


Level 5

That is just so cool. "Budget Bin" or not, if I see one that isn't the price of a small car, it's mine, all mine! Thanks for sharing this, I've never seen one before. Later!


Level 5

Interesting! I have never heard of these before. Thanks for the information! Cheers, NM

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