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13 Apr 2020

Stolberg-Stolberg Double Thaler

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Davissons Ltd had an auction finish on April 1st. They always have a few items that I am interested in and this auction was no different. I only picked up one piece on the day of the auction.A nice Teutonic Double Thaler of 1614. It arrived this past week and I must say it looks even nicer in hand. It will be one of the centerpieces of my German States collection.
Auction lot description: Teutonic Order. Maximilian of Austria. 1588-1618. AR double thaler. 56.75 gm. 46 mm. Hall mint. 1614. Master of the Order standing, holding the hilt of a grounded sword in his right hand, a lion holding a shield to left / Maximilian on a horse moving right, a circle of shields of arms around him. Dav. 5854. KM 30. Near Extremely Fine; light wear on highest points, lightly toned, flan flaw at 11' obverse; pleasing surfaces and overall a fresh and pleasing coin.

Picture #1
Obverse: Grand Master of the Order standing with sword, date in exergue
Reverse: Maximilian mounted on horse surrounded by circle of shields of arms
Ruler: Maximilian
Note: Dav. #A5854
Composition: Silver
Weight: 56.75g
Diameter: 46mm​
From Wikipedia: Today, Maximilian is perhaps best remembered for his baroque archducal hat, exhibited in the treasury of the monastery of Klosterneuburg and was used for ceremonial purposes as late as 1835.

Well, I guess it's good to be known for something.
But that coin isn't the point of this article so I will get to it.

As I usually do, I perused the items in the aftersale. I kept coming back to this coin, you know, it kind of spoke to me. Somehow I had overlooked it before and during the sale.
Picture#2Obverse: In front of the crowned column, a ten-tailed deer striding to the left on a grass floor covered with two saplings and a flower
Reverse: triple-helmeted Spanish shield, the divided year number on top, and the initials of the mint master(IK) on the sides
Reverse Legend: DOM: IN • EPS: MVN: BREVB: LOR: ET. CLETE.
Ruler: Johann Martin I
Note: Dav# 7786.
Composition: Silver
Diameter: 44 mm
Weight: 28.64g​
I have always liked these coins. The deer and column design are just attractive to me. But, I had never acquired a Thaler from here. This design was minted from 1645 to 1663. Across those years, between PCGS and NGC they have graded a total of 3 pieces. 1 each from 1649, 1650, and 1654. This isn't really surprising. Europe hasn't really gotten behind 3rd party grading yet.

A search on acsearch shows a total of 30 pieces being sold at auction over the last 12 years. There was only 1 from 1646 that sold at a Kunker auction in 2012 for almost $5000. In my opinion, that piece was slightly better but it's close. That piece brought the highest price of any Davenport#7786 on acsearch. The other pieces cover a wide range of prices. As low as $300 for a well-worn piece.

In addition, there are 2 currently listed on ma-shops (1653,1655) but they are far inferior pieces.

So, obviously, I pulled the trigger and made the purchase. I feel like I got it for a bargain price when compared to similar sales.

Up to this point, I had only ever acquired 1 Stolberg piece, this little 1/48 Thaler from 1719.

Obverse: Stag left in front of column, end of inscription 'WERCK' in exergue
Reverse: 4-line inscription, mintmaster's initials divide date below
Reverse Inscription: 48 / EINEN / THALER / FEIN SILB.
Ruler: Christof Friedrich and Jost Christian
Composition: Silver
​I am at the point in my collecting journey where quality is more important than quantity. I feel like I was a hoarder to a certain extent. A few years ago I promised myself that I would get rid of all the stuff that didn't thrill me anymore. Of course, there is still way too much stuff in the safe (and other places), but I am pretty happy with the state of my collection at this point.

Part of the point of this blog is that there are lots of tools out there to help with research before making a purchase. They vary depending on what your collection focus is. Make sure to use them. It is tempting to make impulse purchases, I have made enough of my own. For the most part, the purchases that I have regretted were the result of making an impulse buy. I didn't use the resources that were available to me.


Long Beard

Level 5

Great blog, I enjoyed the educational read.

Have yet to purchase a Thaler in all my years of collecting but it's on my bucket list. They are big, silver, old, and typically well designed. What's not to love?


Level 6

Nice blog. Oh my. Coins that speak to me are one of my weaknesses. That and never selling anything. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Absolutely true, you havd to do research when buying anything of higher value, I save my impulse buys for the $10 stuff. (:


Level 7

Insaw thatl. A wonderful peice. I love them but there out of my budget. You have some collection of these the fistory is amazing as. always look forward to these. i will be back. It takes mentimento enjoy a blog thisnwellmdone. Thanks. Mike


Level 5

Very impressive coin. 1614. I don't have anything that old. Would love to find something like that for myself. Thanks for sharing your 1614 Thaler with us.

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