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09 Apr 2015

Massachusetts Coin Book

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For years I have been interested in the Massachusetts willow, oak and pine tree coins. Alas, their cost has prevented me from wading into collecting and studying them. Finally, as a result of a coin trade, I purchased my first Massachusetts tree coin, a threepence pine tree. It was also affordable.

My typical approach to coins is to collect and learn about them simultaneously. And so, I purchased at a reduced cost ($60) a new copy of Christopher J. Salmon's The Silver Coins of Massachusetts, published by the American Numismatic Society in 2010.

This is a sumptuous book, loaded with great photographs and detailed explanations of the coins' background as well as many varieties. I don't know whether I will purchase additional examples from the series, but I will continue to enjoy these 17th century coins through this book. It is a work that is highly recommended whether you want to enhance your collecting knowledge or simply vicariously enjoy a unique and historic currency.



Level 7

Kind of books I like. Nice pictures of coins I love to see coins I haven't seen before. Thank you for the information. I'm very sorry I missed your blogs. Mike.


Level 5

It sounds like a great resource book! Thanks!


Level 6

It's great to add coin books to your library...we should never stop collecting them, even as much as the coins themselves. We can always use more knowledge.

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