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08 Apr 2015

My First Coin

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I purchased my first coin in 1959 when I was nine years old. My family lived in Pennsylvania, and we would periodically visit Philadelphia to shop. One stop was usually Gimbels, a very complete seven-story department store on Market Street. On this particularly day, probably Easter Monday, which for some reason became a tradition for us to visit Philadelphia, we went to one of the upper floors and entered the coin department. There my father allowed me to select a coin. I chose a very worn 1825 Coronet Liberty Head Large Cent, which I would generously grade in fair condition. The reason it attracted me was that it was the oldest U.S. coin that I could find that day.

I still have the coin. And although I have acquired many really nice--and a few important--coins, this one remains the gem of my collection. It is, as they say, priceless.

By the way, think about it: Buying coins in a department store. That's surely a thing of the past.



Level 4

Whoa, a department store with a coin shop inside??? That's unheard of nowadays! Congrats on your special pickup, and thanks for sharing your story with us! :D


Level 7

I'm glad I found this. I like the stories of a collectors first coin. I only wish I was as lucky as you to start at such a young age. I often think what would my collection be like now? But I have learned to accept what I own now. I am grateful. Mike


Level 5

Great story! Thanks for sharing!!!


Level 5

Great story.



Level 6

That's a great story! I was just thinking that...coins in a department store? How cool was that!!!


Level 5

Good story!

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