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13 Apr 2015

New Deluxe Red Book

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My introduction to coin collecting came as a result of skimming and then memorizing R.S. Yeoman's Red Book, "A Guide Book of United States Coins." My relationship with this book began around 1960 and has continued, on and off, since. The organization and perspective of this annual publication has thoroughly influenced the way I see U.S. numismatics.

I would not purchase a new book every year, but rather every few years. Over the last generation, of course, the book has been published with different variants, including the spiral bound, limited editions, special editions, etc. In fact, Whitman, the publisher, even released a book in 2009 which is a Guide Book to the Guide Books, a 289-page review of the 61 editions and related information.

This series superseded the old Max Mehl price guides and the "Standard Catalogue of United States Coins and Tokens," put out by Wayte Raymond in the 1940s and 1950s. I have some issues of these forerunners, but to me--and to countless collectors--the Red Book is the Bible to coin listings and prices. That's why I was excited as well as intrigued when I read that the 2016 offerings (always published early) would include a vastly expanded "Deluxe Edition."

My copy of this mammoth book, 1500 pages and weighing six pound(!), arrived late last week. It is something to behold. Obviously, the informaton is greatly expanded from the standard editions, running more than 1,000 longer. While I have always been a little skeptical of some of the values/prices identified in these books, I rely on the books for notional price information as well as minting, background information, etc. This jumbo copy adds a wealth of information (no pun intended).

There is an expanded discussion of coins and grading standards for most coins. There is an appendix, A through K, with informaton on such things as coin cleaning, counterfeits and auction bidding. There is a lot of informaton here. As with any publication, you might construct this one differently if you have the opportunity, but Bressett, Bowers and Garrett, identified as the editors, along with the customary list of scores of contributors have done an outstanding job. Yeoman, who died in 1988, continues to be identified as the titular editor on the cover.

Honestly, if you can deal with the weight and bulk of this opus, the "Deluxe Edition" is a worthwhile purchase for the serious numismatist. Can you live without it? Sure. But I suspect you are likely to dig into the book every day for some new nugget of information.



Level 7

I love all three of them. There are enough articles to write blogs for a year. The information is outstanding. Thanks for the info .mike


Level 5

It sounds like a fantastic resource!!!


Level 5

I don't have it but have see one.


Level 4

I got the 2013 edition of the red book and 2010 edition of strike it rich with pocket change


Level 5

I don't speak for Whitman Publishing but this is what I have heard about the new Deluxe Edition of the Redbook. Each year a different section with have expanded information. So I will be buying the Deluxe Edition every year so I get all this great information on every section of the book.


Level 4



Level 6

I love my Red Book...The Deluxe edition would be great!


Level 4

I have not collected U.S. coins with any serious purpose in years. Instead, I focus on tokens, medals, and so-called dollars. I usually dig out my old copy of Breen when I need some serious information on U.S. coins for my research. I have not yet read all 1500 pages of the Deluxe Edition, but I can say already that it has replaced my copy of Breen. More information, more up to date, and it begins to include tokens into the Red Book. Great new publication!


Level 5

I want the deluxe edition.

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