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21 Jan 2015

1812 P Capped Bust Half Dollars : Single Leaf Below Wing

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I have an 1812 Capped bust and i wonder if i have an singel leaf below wing.In first place a do not now what it means, But I tried with google .

Then I get a good site I will share with you. My coin was not theSingle Leaf Below Wing variant.

Link :http://www.usacoinbook.com/coins/2494/half-dollars/capped-bust/1812-P/single-leaf-below-wing/#sthash.8PTH2mHE.dpbs



Level 7

Great Coin. I don't use sites thereon update them.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

cool coin


Level 5

Very nice coin. Congratulations!


Level 5


Nice! :-)


Level 4

I use MGC Varietyplus


Level 4

I mean NGC


Level 6

That's really a nice coin! Hope you can find out the info you need.


Level 6

I prefer NGC Coin Explorer. It's free to ANA members. One of our benefits. Not sure how good it is for all varieties.


Level 4

Thanks for the PCGS coins fact info.


Level 4

Check PCGS Coins fact, or used other information on line.

PCGS CoinFacts is what I use. It has every VAM so I could easily check my coin!

That's a nice coin! As for the variety, I have no idea. Wait for the experts to chime in!

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