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05 Aug 2015

Big silver coins like thaler, crown and dollar

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I have starting collecting big silver coins .To day i get 2 from an coin dealer in my mail box.1 Piastre from French Indochina 1913A and 1 Trade dollar from India.From befor i have an Morgan $ 1921.Peace dollar add. 1922. 1 Peso 1903 Phillippines .



Level 7

I doubt he is even here. Why leave a comment.


Level 5

Beautiful coins! Keep that up!

Nice looking coins you have their!


Level 4


The Morgan Dollar has a great reverse. Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

Love the big silver coins. The piastres are interesting!


Level 5

Beautiful Silver Coins!


Level 5

Great coins and in great condition! Thanks for sharing.


Level 4

Tanks :) ,one more from Mexico city 8 reales 1888


Level 5

Nice coins.

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