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25 Aug 2015

Plastic coins

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The Transinistra east in Moldova is make plastic coins. Link :http://news.coinupdate.com/transnistria-to-introduce-plastic-circulation-coins-4441/



Level 5

I have never heard of these coins...

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have metallic Moldova coins. Hmmmm something I've never seen before.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

if these are real than inflation is just going through the roof for them


Level 7

I actually don't know what to say. Are these for machines? Are they worth anything? Is there a price book? I know nothing and never seen or heard of them never mind the country. I don't think it's something I would follow thanks anyway.


Level 5

Interesting. As everyone else says, I hope this doesn't spread, especially to the USA!


Level 4

That us an unrecognised country. No serious state would ever go that way.


Level 4

They look like great guitar picks though.


Level 6

Boy, I sure hope the USA mint doesn't go to this. I agree that it would seem that counterfeiting would be rampant!! Thanks!


Level 5

That sure sounds problematic. A new 3-D printer could probably make an easy counterfeit? Not too mention the anticipated life of the plastic coin being very short ( smashed, burned, melted, scraped, etc. etc. etc.). I guess time would tell!


Level 6

Interesting blog...Thanks Karstkri

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