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16 Mar 2017

What got me started in coin collecting

Coins | user_7361

I remember my friend and I went shopping at an antique shop, just to shop for antiques. My friend is not a coin collector but had a few old coins. While at the antique shop my friend bought me a walking liberty half dollar, nothing valuable and also gave me my first silver certificate. After receiving that coin and silver certificate I became hooked on coin and currency collecting. I love it. And to this day I'm still very active in collecting and love sharing my knowledge with others. I remember I was at an auction previewing coins and I had a young person ask me questions about coin collecting and what books I use. It felt great to be able to share knowledge to a young collector. I remember when I was in his shoes starting out in the hobby. This hobby has proven to be interesting, fun and rewarding at the same time. So to all my fellow collectors, I would love to hear what got you started in the coin collecting hobby?

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