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24 Jun 2021

Outside the Box

Coins-United States | Long Beard

As I sat here performing my early morning routine, having downed one cup of coffee reading the news, I took a moment after the fact to reacquaint myself with the hoard. Collection just doesn't quite fit the description any longer. So, now well into my second cup, as I admired the 2004 Edison Collector's Set- pictured as reference- and thinking of what's being offered from the U.S. Mint this year, instead my mind shifting to the debacle created by the same and all of those like myself justifiably upset. Rather than linger in disgust and frustration, neither of which solve a thing anyhow, I decided to change the view looking at some of the positives. Which is the discussion of this weeks blog. Enjoy!

19 Jun 2021

Cleaned, or Details Grade

Coins | Long Beard

Today I received the final coin needed for the complete Washington Quarter series, 1932 to date, by mint mark (no varieties) in AU or higher. For those attempting as much, this is easier said than done on a working class budget. To the tune upwards of a few thousand dollars, purchased largely in raw form, and several years if not longer. Satisfaction somehow seems less descriptive as to that feeling when complete. With that, the subject of this weeks blog holding the very coin referenced decidedly became a good topic to discuss. Enjoy!

13 Jun 2021

An Unusual Year

Coins | Long Beard

As collectors there are certain coins which captivate us, coinsknowinglyin our minds we may not possess whether by price or availability. Those fortunate enough to have been blessed as the caretaker of such important and historic pieces tend to hold such pieces for many years, passing them on to heirs, hidden in the physical sense only to be enjoyedby the massesin the digital . More often than not, said pieces are traded in private among like collectors with little or no knowledge by the average collector. Yet on occasion these treasures find their way to auction, for various reasons, after many years in private care. Thus far2021 has been an unusual year as several have appeared and found new caretakers, setting records above and beyond expectations. The only "legal" 1933 Saint-Guadens Double Eagle selling for 18.9 million, the finest known 1787 Brasher Doubloon and an 1822 Half Eagle to sight a few. And next, the subject of this week's blog, the finest known 1804 Dollar consigned to the Stack's and Bower auction being held at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois August the twelfth. Enjoy!

08 Jun 2021

A Tremendous Score

Coins-World | Long Beard

In a past blog the subject of Irish Gun Money had been discussed, as well as the coinage of the Irish Republic dated 1928-1969. Yesterday, while in avid pursuit of the latter, your's truly happened upon quite possibly the best deal of a lifetime or so from a personal perspective. A fierce competition was being waged on EBAY for the coin in question, represented in this blog. And so, I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

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