Long Beard's Blog

24 Dec 2022

Getting it Right

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Contrary to what we commonly think about the packaging of United States Mint products, specifically their quality, presentation and longevity, the very thoughts of which go back to the earliest years. A subject which finds it's way to every outlet available to collectors. To be certain there are, and will continue to be, those which fall short of their expectations for a number of reasons. However, on occasion quite a few excel when looking at the many offerings over as many years. The 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set being one such issuance. Enjoy!

04 Dec 2022

Always Forward

Collecting Tips | Long Beard

Of all the creatures on the planet, humans are the only species of hunter- gatherer which does so more out of desire than necessity, often complicating the fact by placing quality over quantity in the process. As this strange trait of our dna pertains to coin collecting, what most commonly begins as a fascination leading to enjoyment and passion will at some point find us at a crossroads brought about by a myriad of frustrations, dilemmas and setbacks. A point at which we question not only why we collect but why and if we should proceed. This may occur due to the lacking of a single coin or two of a particular series preventing completion or the greater probability of life it's self side tracking us. The subject of this week's blog is a five step guide outlining how to go from an ordinary collector to an extraordinary collector by overcoming the inevitable hurdles placed before us. Enjoy!

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