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02 Sep 2021

Past, Present and Future

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This weeks blog topic is a break from the usual style of writing, in that it's a personal view of this hobby which we share. It goes against my firm belief that writing should never be that. Personal. Yet the very subject is one of those rare instances in which it is necessary in order to both educated and create free thinking on it. In my forty-seven years of collecting I have witnessed first hand many changes, some for the better some for the worse. I've met many like minded individuals over those years, quite a few becoming friends, several long time now. And so, the discussion of how one collector sees the hobby as it evolved over not only his lifetime but those before him and the direction it may or may not take going forward. Enjoy!

29 Aug 2021


Coins | Long Beard

As most of you might agree this summer, and two-thirds of the year, has passed quickly with winter seemingly on the immediate horizon. With that, trying to make preparations as a homeowner with property cuts into an already short supply of time. Like most, the blog posts become farther between and often shorter. With the previous week being a rainy one, time was available to write another interesting blog. However, digging deeper into the research time is again a constraint pushing it back to perhaps next week. So as I scrolled through my messages another topic arose. Libraries. Enjoy!

03 Jul 2021

Blog Writing 101

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Today's blog is a discussion about, well, blogs. More specifically, what they are and how they differ from a traditional post. First and foremost, in no way does this imply that one blog from another is better or worse. Nor is it "targeting" anyone in specific. It is aimed at education only, which I am by no means an expert at. Only that I'm writing about what I've learned and sharing. And that's what coin collecting is. Educating others as we ourselves gain experience.In the end, I hope that you learn something so I am able to read and enjoy what motivates and captivates you. Enjoy!

19 Jun 2021

Cleaned, or Details Grade

Coins | Long Beard

Today I received the final coin needed for the complete Washington Quarter series, 1932 to date, by mint mark (no varieties) in AU or higher. For those attempting as much, this is easier said than done on a working class budget. To the tune upwards of a few thousand dollars, purchased largely in raw form, and several years if not longer. Satisfaction somehow seems less descriptive as to that feeling when complete. With that, the subject of this weeks blog holding the very coin referenced decidedly became a good topic to discuss. Enjoy!

13 Jun 2021

An Unusual Year

Coins | Long Beard

As collectors there are certain coins which captivate us, coinsknowinglyin our minds we may not possess whether by price or availability. Those fortunate enough to have been blessed as the caretaker of such important and historic pieces tend to hold such pieces for many years, passing them on to heirs, hidden in the physical sense only to be enjoyedby the massesin the digital . More often than not, said pieces are traded in private among like collectors with little or no knowledge by the average collector. Yet on occasion these treasures find their way to auction, for various reasons, after many years in private care. Thus far2021 has been an unusual year as several have appeared and found new caretakers, setting records above and beyond expectations. The only "legal" 1933 Saint-Guadens Double Eagle selling for 18.9 million, the finest known 1787 Brasher Doubloon and an 1822 Half Eagle to sight a few. And next, the subject of this week's blog, the finest known 1804 Dollar consigned to the Stack's and Bower auction being held at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois August the twelfth. Enjoy!

28 Mar 2021

On This Date

Coins | Long Beard

There are many reasons why we as collectors pursue the small and largely round in shape metallic objects with such passion. Of those the top two reasons, both equal, would be their design and history. This weeks blog touches on the latter, history, in what may be a weekly theme. One which uses a particular coin or coins relevant to the day in which a blog is posted. With that, enjoy!

20 Feb 2021

There's Gold In Them There Hills!

Coins | Long Beard

The subject of this week's blog struck like a hammer falling from a ladder on the head. Which, by the way, nearly happened while remodeling. Here's your sign. Anyway, that in question arose while watching the movie National Treasure with my best half and her son this past weekend. Whether one collects coins or not, who doesn't dream of finding treasure? Every few years or so stories emerge of someone finding as much, whether it be a few coins or notes discovered in an old home or a stash dug from the ground. In most cases by accident or pure luck as some might term it. And then there are those purposely hidden in secrecy for a variety of reasons still waiting to be brought to light. The subject of this week's blog. Enjoy!

01 Jan 2021

Out With the Old

Coins | Long Beard

Well, here we are. Another year gone, another waiting to be recorded. When most of us look back on the year that was, with certainty COVID-19 was, and will be, remembered and associated with 2020. What will be forgotten, and perhaps even lost to history, were the many wonderful things that occurred in a year which many simply hoped would be over. So too explain why some of you may be left scratching your head as to the "many" is the topic of the week. Enjoy!

21 Dec 2020

Roads Traveled

Coins | Long Beard

As a novice writer a rule learned along the way was to not allow the subject to become about the writer. To do so opens the door for arrogance, a sense that one is authoritative and the words become fact. To be certain there are experts in various fields and subjects. Having read many well written books and articles by them, the writer does not enter the readers thoughts but instead remains focused on the content. This above all else makes for a great read. An exception to this rule would be an autobiography, which in a sense this unusual blog may well be considered. Enjoy!

07 Nov 2020

After The Plaque

Coins | Long Beard

To those who frequent the ANA website, particularly those who read the forum posts, a few weeks ago I posted about the then upcoming PAN Fall Coin Show. Though the process of writing weekly blogs, I always begin by putting pen to paper as I research the topic or subject matter, editing in the post as I read from the journal. In doing so, often noticing a similar post had already been covered by another writer. In this case it was Mokie who beat me to the topic of the week. While I easily could have change the topic, instead narrowing it down to a specific encounter which was long over due and quite enjoyable. Enjoy!


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