Indian Head Nickel (Album Two)

14 Jun 2021

Revisiting my youth, filling coin boards, this set is the second. Unlike old blue from the mid-seventies filled with average circulated pocket change and occasional purchase, this set comprises of full four digit dates in the average grades of vf/ef. Overall, a well balanced eye appealing set housed in a Littleton Album.



Level 4

I’m still very much in that phase. A lot of my collection in inherited from my mom. She had a little bit of everything. Have been trying to slowly upgrade and fill in the holes, but a lot of it I keep (even lower grade) just because it belonged to her. Have many sets in the old blue Whitman’s, as well as a number of the even OLDER Dansco albums.


Level 4

This is one set I’m trying to complete. Indian Head/Buffalo nickels are one of the neatest coins from the earlier 20th century. Thanks for sharing.

Doug S.

Level 4

Very cool! Working on a similar collection and grade level, I missed the album filling pursuit since I didn't start collecting till about ten years ago. Regards Doug


Level 5

Nice set to collect. I've been thinking of doing a set in lesser grades.


Level 7

Very nice collection. There great!!


Level 5

Beautiful collection! You have a nice 1927-D there.


Level 5

I am a personal fan of the Buffalo Nickel. Most coin designers suck these days so they have to keep coming back to designs like this or the LWH. I suggest for some variety in the album, flipping several coins to show the buffalo side. That will keep it visually interesting. Fodder


Level 6

Very nice. Great photos. Good luck on the rest. Thanks.


Level 6

Buffalo Nickels are the Best!!! Really nice collection you have there. ; )

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