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28 Aug 2018

Another School Year Begins... Another Numismatic Opportunity

Young Numismatists Exchange | Mr_Norris_LKNS

It's been a nice summer off, but we come back to a new school year, and an exciting year of youth numismatics!

We've been lining up guest presenters to get us off to a rousing start. 

In September we plan to have a local police detective come speak to us about counterfeiting and tracking down counterfeit notes in our community... we'll also touch on how counterfeit coins and notes can be detected.

In October we are working on having a noted numismatic author and expert on WW2 numismatics speak with us... there's some fascinating history there!

In November, we plan to have a medieval moneyer come to school and hammer some coins for us the way they used to, back when our namesake Knights would have dealt with such kinds of coins.  We even plan to have our own design made!

In December, we will have our annual LKNS Christmas party.

The rest of the year will involve completing projects, a couple field trips, our annual LKNS birthday party in February, and a service project where we help another school department or other group.  We plan to end our year as always with our very popular student-members-only auction.

There are lots of ways to make a youth numismatic club successful.  Make it fun, make it interesting, keep it active.  Through it you can really enhance a young person's educational and social development.  At the same time, you are bringing up the next generation of numismatists and collectors to keep this hobby vibrant.



Level 6

How cool is that! The kids must love you! Thanks for all you do for them and the hobby.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Wish they had this at my school!

Sounds fun, wish my school was into coin collecting as much as me, maybe kids would do better learning history if they held something in their hands from that time period.


Level 6

Wish they had this when I was in school!


Level 6

Have a great time at school, and keep enjoying the hobby.


Level 7

Hi. Just wrote a blog on a 1945 Ten Centavos from the Philippines made in Denver. General MacArthur brought them to help there economy get back in shape. Before he left he took all their money and threw it in the bay so the Japanese could not buy ammunition to fight the allies. One of the greatest doubled dies came out of the 1945 Ten Centavos. It should be interesting would love to here it. You have a great schedule nd do a great job with that club. Thanks mike


Level 6

I want to go to your school. Great plans. I hope they all, and more, come to fruition!! Thanks for doing this for the kids...

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