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04 Sep 2019

Custom Sets in the NGC Registry

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As I keep exploring resources available to me as a coin collector, I keep finding new things. My latest find revolves around the LKNS coins I submitted to NGC for certifying. NGC will take a digital image of your coin in its holder, so that when you go to ngccoin.com to verify the genuineness of an NGC-slabbed coin, you can see a picture of it after you enter the certification number. You can also ask NGC to take higher resolution professional photos of your coins before they are slabbed, which is very nice for seeing surface details. But once you have these nice photos, where can you show them off (as is natural for a collector to want to do)?

There's always the Collections section here at money.org, but did you know you can also create a collection within the NGC Registry? Not only that, if it falls within a certain category type, you can actually compete your collection against others' collections for fun and points... maybe even recognition. I did not know anything about this... I'd heard of Registry Sets but didn't know much about the topic.

Of course, not every type of coin that people collect are categorized. Some won't be, but others just haven't been identified yet as an area of collectors' interest. If you don't see the proper category for the type of set you want to compete, you can suggest it and NGC will consider creating it. It's not guaranteed that they will, though.

Your other option is to create a Custom Set. It's not a competitive set, in that you don't win prizes or score points comparing your set to someone else's of the same type of coins. But you do get to display it where other collectors can see it whenever they want.

As of this writing, NGC has been updating their set registry pages. While competitive sets are hosted on NGCCoin.com/registry, custom sets are still hosted at the old site,https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/CoinCustomSetListing.aspx. Plans are to migrate the custom sets to the new URL eventually.

I decided to try this out by listing my set of LKNS coins. First I created a custom set, gave it a name, and added the coins using the NGC certification numbers. Adding the coins brought over the photographs NGC took when they certified them. Then I could fill in details, both about the set, and about the individual coins. Check it out:https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=27929

You can do this for your own sets of NGC-graded coins. If you like adding details and telling background stories behind each coin or set, this format lets you do that. Sometimes a good coin is better when the story behind it is known.



Level 5

Never used the NGC Registry but I have heard of it and perused it a few times. Maybe I can get my grandson to register his Lincoln and Jefferson sets?


Level 5

I love the NGC registry. It is a big part of the reason that most of my graded coins are in NGC holders. It is nice to have some highly rated sets but my favorite sets are my custom sets.

sounds like a great resource, thanks


Level 4

NGC set registry sounds cool! I believe you can earn prizes too. The thing is, today the highest 1909 VDB might be ms67 rd, but next year there might be a ms68 rd, and you might have payed as much for that ms67 rd as the ms68 rd is going for! I do not have enough certified coins to participate in set registry, but it sounds exciting!


Level 5

I use NCG's registry extensively. I generally like the changes to new competitive set format. Most of my collecting focus of late has been in custom sets. If a coin in one of my custom sets has a corresponding competitive set, I will populate the coin there also. One aspect of the old format that I like the best besides the custom sets is the collection manager. There I catalog my coins and track my buy and sell information. I store much my collection in more than one safe deposit box and I use the collection manager to record which box. With an inventory as large as I have it is also nice to be able to pull reports through the collection manager. It will be interesting to see how NGC migrates that feature to the new format.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have all my NGC coins in the NGC registry, most of them are in customs sets, one (my SAC Proofs) is competitive, but only for placement purposes, they are all PF69. There are also quite a few that are just in the database for inventory purposes. Like Longstrider said, a great way to maintain an inventory of your slabbed coins.


Level 6

Nice summary of NGC's coin registry. It's a good way to an inventory also. Thanks..

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