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25 May 2017

First Year Report on Legacy Knights Numismatic Society

Young Numismatists Exchange | Mr_Norris_LKNS

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I have been with how well this endeavor has gone.

Our membership is limited to 3rd- through 6th-grade students at our school or its affiliated home school program, parents of those students, and any faculty/staff that wish to join.  To give you an idea of the size of school we have, there were 15 students in the 4th grade this year; the other grades were a little larger.  So we're pulling from a maximum pool of maybe 90 students.  You would think we might get a half dozen members, but no:  we ended the year with 13!

We were well-supported by the school and the parents.  The school let us use the library for meetings and their video system for presentations.  The print shop made flyers for us, and the office distributed them to the classrooms.  The print shop also printed poster displays for us, and created handsome certificates of appreciation for whenever we had a guest speaker.  The principal and teachers oversaw the students' activities during school hours and set some rules, but didn't ban bringing coins or currency, so that helped.  We got a very positive mention during a State Of The School meeting that boosted awareness.  I had anywhere from one to four parents sitting in on meetings with us and assisting as needed.  The IT shop even helped me out with an email account using the school's domain, which really helps you look professional when communicating on behalf of the club.

My favorite local coin shop owner encouraged me to go to a coin show put on by the local coin club.  My son and I went, and there we met the president of the club and other members.  They offered to send guest speakers to present on various numismatic subjects.

Our first meeting in February was an introductory meeting, and we covered the topic of how to identify coins and currency.  We followed that up with an off-week discovery trip to the local coin shop.

For our second meeting of our existence, two gentlemen from the local club came and presented to our students the most appropriate ways to handle, care for, and display their collections, including the differences between coins that go in blue Whitman folders and coins that get sent off to be slabbed.  Their presentation was geared right at our members' age and experience levels.

For our third official meeting, another local numismatist from the local club came and presented "Numismatics of the American Civil War."

The Numismatic Knights wrapped up their inaugural year by holding their first annual awards ceremony and student-members-only auction on May 16.  Each member received a medal that will be unique to the inaugural year, created from a Standing Liberty US quarter dollar mounted under a pin-on ribbon drape in a sterling silver bezel.  Each member also now has their own copy of Yeoman's "Red Book" US coin guide, donated by the local coin club, along with a handful of coins to check using their new guide.

The auction was a smash hit with our young numismatists!  It was a great way for them to learn about auctions, bidding, and the pre-decimal British monetary system.  I'll explain all that in another blog post.  You have seen auctions, but unless you were there I'll bet most Americans reading this haven't seen a roomful of 8- through 11-year-olds trying to outbid each other in pounds/shillings/pence...  Even higher odds that you haven't seen American kids try to do it.  But they did!

Local and regional numismatic clubs and associations have been very supportive as soon as they heard what we were doing.  We've received Red Books donated for members' use, coins, collecting supplies, and back issues of "The Numismatist".  Our local shop has welcomed our group and helped us locate and obtain things we need.

We operated on a shoestring budget.  Dues were $20/year but we reduced it to $10 since we started halfway through the year.  $5 of it went immediately to buy a small sack of world coins for each member to keep, study, and trade.  The rest went toward buying some second-hand Krause catalogs; most of the rest was from donations.

I'm finding it takes dedication to do things the way they need to be done, but it pays off with results.  We have a great group, with great support, and they are already talking about what we'll do with it next year!

You can read more about our Society on our group's Facebook page: 



Level 4

Kudos for our YN Legacy Knights! Thank you Mr. Norris for doing this.


Level 6

This is wonderful! You go YN's!!!! Good luck!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Way to go. Very inspiring blog to read today. Congratulations on the success of your hard work.

Good job.


Level 6

Fantastic to hear that the y.n.'s are so active. Thanks and keep it up!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great job. you are doing well


Level 6

Great story


Level 4

Dave that sounds like a great first year & if you can retain most members & get a few more next year - You will have a solid litle group of collectors there - Congrats on a successful first year !!!


Level 7

It sounds like to me your all off to a great start. And with the other people helping you your on the right track. Thanks and lots of luck with your club. We need you all. Mike


Level 6

Nice to hear! Young people getting involved, a coin club that is active and teaching. Good luck.

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