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21 Aug 2019

LKNS Coins Certified By NGC

Young Numismatists Exchange | Mr_Norris_LKNS

The Legacy Knights Numismatic Society is very pleased to announce that our 2018-2019 club coins have been certified and graded by the National Guaranty Corporation and added to the NGC census!

Two 4 Coin Sets were submitted earlier this summer for certification, along with minting information and project documentation. Both sets were certified. Each of the eight coins received very high marks with one graded at MS 67, one at MS 68, and six at MS 69.

The English translation of the coin's Medieval Latin inscription was placed on the holders: ENJOY - RESPECT - LEARN - TEACH ... representing our club's four values for our Young Numismatist members: have fun, be respectful, learn something, and share your knowledge. Since these coins were originally issued as a four coin set, this provenance was also listed on the holders.

This is the culmination of a lot of work over the past two years. We are very happy to see this project get this far. Many thanks go to the NGC Tokens and Medals Department for their help and information; Xenia Coin Shop of Xenia, Ohio and Common Cents Coins of Milford, Ohio for their support of this project; parents, faculty, staff, volunteers, and friends at Legacy Christian Academy, Xenia, Ohio; our friends at the American Numismatic Association and the Money Museum; and of course Mr. Carson Engle of Two Bear Mint, without whose artistry, skill, and guidance this project would not have been possible.

The sets that were distributed through lkns.rallyup.com were not graded before being sold, therefore would be considered "raw" even though they were sent out encapsulated in Air-Tites and a wood-and-glass display box. If you bought one of those sets, or even a single coin, I would highly encourage submitting them for certification through NGC. The personnel in their Tokens and Medals department are familiar with these already. If you decide to do so, contact me with a private message and I can offer guidance for your submission.


I did not know ngc would certify club tokens.


Level 5

Sounds like it was a fun project. Glad to see your hard work paid off with amazing results.


Level 4

Congrats! That's great that NGC will certify individual club medals, I never knew that before.


Level 6

That's so cool! Congratulations on the project and the completed slabbing/grading. Nice label too!

cool that you are able to do this now


Level 7

Well done. Good luck. .


Level 6

Very nice. Job well done, to say the least.. Thanks for the update.


Level 6

What a nice project.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Oh that is very cool, I like my set just the way it is, but it is nice to know that option exists.


Level 4

Thank you! Yes, your set was originally shipped in its four-coin display box. The two sets that have been certified never got that box, but were sent directly to NGC. Now that they are slabbed they wouldn't fit in that box anyway, so they now reside in a 4-slab display box.

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