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17 Jun 2020

Medieval Die Maker Demonstrates His Craft

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Rudiger the Moneyer (a.k.a. Mr. Carson Engle) was the medieval moneyer who created our club's first coin die set in 2018. I documented the process of getting a medieval-style hammered coin made for our club in my blog here at the time. Now Mr. Engle has produced a video demonstrating the die carving process from a blank piece of prepared steel bar stock to a finished die. Follow this link to see the video. You may be surprised at how many steps there are; or you may be pleased when you see some of the techniques that confirm in your mind what you had guessed was involved in certain steps. For anyone interested in the diemaking process, or would just enjoy seeing a miniature work of art come to life, this is for you. (Click this link to be taken to YouTube.)



Level 5

That's a neat video. He makes it look easy. I wonder what the actual time frame was.


Level 4

That was about 3 hours' work condensed into a 13 minute time lapse video.


Level 6

Very enjoyable.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow! That's pretty cool. I'll bet some members of the Society for Creative Anachronism would be interest in that. They recreate medieval life and cultures


Level 4

Mr. Engle is an SCA member. The die he was making in the video was for a coin he was making for his regional coronation festivities.


Level 5

Thanks. Never watched how that was done before. Would like to make a medal myself doing something like this. I need to watch more videos like this.


Level 6

Thanks.. I enjoyed that.


Level 7

Enjoyed it very much. I knew they used lasers and all the new ways of making a coin. I have seen bits of making a coin from scratch.. But not the whole thing. Now those who watch it will believe me when they see the millions of steel ball bearings around the planchet. That's how they make burnished coins. I said they had them in other steps. No way it will damage it!! I hope they watch. Thanks for the link I enjoyed it very much .

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, that was fascinating, I have to get my set of Rudiger's hammered coins and loupe them. I have a much greater appreciation after seeing this video. Thank You for sharing, I loved it!!!!

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