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23 Oct 2020

Starting A New Year For A YN Club

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The first official meeting of the Legacy Knights Numismatic Society for the 2020-2021 school year is scheduled for Monday, October 26.
After missing the last 3 meetings of last year, it's going to be good to be able to return to somewhat normal... however, even normal isn't quite the same with pandemic rules.

Students and volunteers will likely be wearing masks for a long time, except when able to socially distance. Wearing masks makes it hard for volunteers to hear what the students are saying, and vice versa. We will have to be extra careful to heed our club rule of being respectful, especially when someone else is speaking.

Other rules will likely also affect how we conduct our meetings, but since we meet on campus, most of those rules (for example, screening) have already happened by the time the club members get to the meeting.

The local coin shop owner tells me he has still seen several of our members come into the shop for coins and other things... I'm glad to hear they are able to continue with their hobby. Hobbies keep people from going stir crazy when you can't go other places or hang out with friends in larger groups.

At the end of last year and over the summer, donations had been impacted somewhat, as many donations were acquired through auctions and contacts with other numismatists at other local clubs. When you don't meet, you don't see each other and remember you wanted to give. When you can't get out to auctions, shows, and shops, it's harder to find things that make you say, "hey, I bet the YNs would love that..." This could impact our auction and giveaways; but I'm expecting things will be getting better as we work through this pandemic and people start meeting again... and the donors that did give were generous to us. We had a great auction for the 2019-2020 members (even though we had to push it 'til August).

Trying to line up activities and guest speakers has been interesting. We have made contact with a private mint and hope to get there and take a tour as a club mid-schoolyear. But of course, that all depends on where we are with the pandemic. I haven't pushed for too many special speakers yet. For some, I'm sure getting into a social situation with a couple dozen young people seated in front of you might present a concern over health safety when the pandemic is still ongoing. Maybe we could convince a few brave souls to connect with us virtually.

No matter what, we are starting up another club year. I can't wait to see who our members are this year!



Level 5

It is great to see club activity picking up and doing so with safety in mind. If we could only know who is sick like any other virus where the symptoms are shown outwardly so which sick people know to stay home!


Level 5

Good luck! Thanks for helping us YNs. We appreciate all of the old farts that are willing to help us out! Cheers, NM


Level 6

Good luck in the new year. You are doing great work.


Level 5

Hope all works out well. Thanks for all you do and of course the participation of the YN members of your club. Later!


Level 5

It's good that you are getting back at it. If there are any youth clubs about me they don't advertise it. I would love to get involved with one. Typically I give a talk to a group of 5th graders every year. Not this year of course.


Level 6

Enjoy the new year! I'm sure the kids are happy ; ) Good luck and stay safe!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Best of Luck with your new Club year. I wish I could magically transport all of you to the PAN KidZone on 31 October, I am hoping for a good YN turnout but feeling like it might be subdued this Fall.


Level 4

We wish you could too! :-D

Those kids must be so happy! Hopefully another pandemic doesn't start this all over again. Have a fun meeting!


Level 5

Great News. Our club has been meeting again.


Level 6

Good luck. You will do fine. Thaks for helping the kids.


Level 7

Try your best. Keep them safe and enjoy. Hope you have a better year.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Keep on keeping on, we will look forward to blogs from your Y.N. s

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