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19 Apr 2021

Touchstones of Early Numismatic Influences

Young Numismatists Exchange | Mr_Norris_LKNS

Saw something from my past not too long ago: a collection of Western Publishing Company play money paper notes. My parents made me an instant millionaire when they took me to the local Ben Franklin 5 and 10c store and I came home with "a million bucks" in a nice cellophane wrapped bundle. When I saw some on eBay, I had to get some for nostalgia. I even posted about them in my "Collections" here on money.org.It got me thinking of what may have influenced me to take such an interest in coin collecting as a kid, a hobby that would return to me later in life.Aside from my collection of play money (with bills ranging from 1 to 100,000 in denomination), there were a few other moments in life I can remember that probably played a role. I'll list the numismatic items that accompanied them.1. Germany 1950 Five Pfennig

01 Apr 2020

Staying Home

| Mr_Norris_LKNS

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic...Coin shop is closed.Club meetings are canceled.Numismatic shows are canceled.Acquiring new items of numismatic interest is relegated to online only.The bottom dropped out of the price of silver, but no one has any to sell at that price, or else the per-piece premiums bring the price back to what it used to be. The online sources are sold out, and you can't get to any of your favorite local sources because shops are closed.We are all supposed to stay at home, except for essential activities. I am fortunate that I have been able to work from home most of my workweek, only having to venture out for a few tasks that require my presence. The other day I had to drive somewhere, and because I'd been cooped up in the house so much, I took the long way, just to see a little more scenery before I got back home. So far I'm doing fine healthwise. I've even been able to get outside and do a little yard work.But numismatically, I definitely feel like I'm quarantined.Fortunately, these stay-at-home orders and social distancing only apply in person. Online, one can still communicate with as many folks as one can reach... and for one reason or another, most folks are online, doing school work, working from home, doing research, ordering TP via Amazon or some other home delivery shopping service, or just passing the time until they can get back to normal life. The ANA and other numismatic orgs have faithfully reminded us that we have online access to their resources. I've passed those along to our club members. This might be a record year for members actually taking advantage of their online benefits or lending library services. So there's a positive point: disrupting our routine lives may force us to remember, explore, and discover.Me personally? I have a lot of online learning I need to do, but when I get down time like this... there's nothing like a good book. I love to read. I have several shelves of books, about half of which I haven't read yet. Some I never will, so I might as well pass them along... but times like these give me a wonderful opportunity. I've also had some time to organize the Legacy Knights Numismatic Society's member records, and see what we have available for the student members auction this year. We will still have that, even if it's delayed. The school doesn't know for sure yet obviously, but they are hoping we can get back to school before summer, even if it's just for a week or two.I hope all you readers of this blog are doing well and avoiding the virus. Stay at home as much as you can. Wash your hands, especially if you go out in public, or touch something that hasn't been in your house for at least a month. Practice "social distancing." (What a term. Why couldn't they have just said "Keep your distance"? "Social distancing" sounds like someone said or did something socially unacceptable and so now you're trying to avoid them to keep from being associated with them.) Call an old friend, but avoid getting together for awhile. Remember, it will only be for awhile. Meanwhile, take advantage of the opportunity to read, research, or get organized.Take care, everyone.

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