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11 Feb 2019

The LKNS Collection!

Medieval Coins | Mr_Norris_LKNS

Although it is apparently very difficult to get really good pictures with my iPhone, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the LKNS coins in their display boxes and holders.  Transline has some nice display boxes for sale, which when used in combination with coin capsules, makes for a very nice presentation.

I think I really need to find someone local with a 1:1 macro lens to get good hi-res closeups of the coins.  Every time I try to take pictures of them, the details usually get lost in the reflections, making it harder to see how good these coins really look.  It's also hard to take straight-on photos of shiny things without getting a big ol' reflection of yourself or the camera in the picture.  I have, though, seen some pretty nice pics taken with Android phones using natural lighting.



Level 5

nice coins!


Level 6

Your photos cam out really nice! Beautiful coins. The display boxes are look great! Thanks for sharing ; )


Level 6

Sounds like a well worth while project.


Level 6

Those are nice. Pics came out good.


Level 7

Beautiful coins. Can't say much more it sums it up perfectaly. I also shoot with my phone. The detail I get is because each phone gives you a setting to any of at. On your camera there should be a little wheel for settings. That should bring you to the different settings you can shoot at. Today's phones have three lenses to shoot with. Give it a try. I'm sure there is more than one setting. I shoot at 1.1 (1.2 mp) you have seen them . Try it. And another great blog. Mike.

Absolutely beautiful, they look very authentic. I would definitely love to have one in my collection.


Level 6

Those photos came out nice. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I think you mentioned one time that some might be available as a fundraiser? The coins turned out beautifully.


Level 4

Yes, the fundraiser is coming along, hopefully soon. Have to make sure we have enough capsules and other resources to meet demand. Also need to figure out a few final logistics. I'm sure we'll post an announcement on our club's Facebook page when they're ready.

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