Elongated Cents of the NMUSAF

28 May 2018

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is a fascinating place. Several historic air and space vehicles are featured on elongated cents, which (as of spring 2018) can be created using the penny press machines in their gift shop. This collection is a sample of elongates created there.



Level 6

You have a wonderful collection!


Level 5

Nice collection. Using a steel cent is a great idea, or an okd wheat to see if the date is still readable. Will need to put some steel wheats in the car for next machine.


Level 5

That's really cool that you used a steel cent for one of them. I used to collect elongated cents, and I think I have like 20 or so


Level 5

Thats one nice stretched steel penny! Good work!


Level 5

I was thinking about using a steel penny..

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I love the steal penny one!


Level 6

Great variety. Nice collection!

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