Elongated Cents - Young's Jersey Dairy

22 Jul 2019

Young's Jersey Dairy has been a southwestern Ohio tradition for many years. The Young family farm was established in 1869 north of Yellow Springs, Ohio. The Young's Jersey Dairy company began in 1946. They are famous for their ice cream, and a visit to their farm is a great family outing, with a golf driving range, batting cages, putt-putt golf course, restaurants, petting zoo, and gift shop. When I stopped there in July 2019 one could find a four-station penny press. I pressed one each on some old wheat pennies.



Level 6

These are so cool! Thanks for sharing them with us! ; )


Level 5

Awesome! Those look so cool! Thanks for sharing!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Those are lots of fun! Thanks for showing them to us!


Level 6

Cool. Sounds like a blast from the past. A 60's era roadside attraction. Fun!


Level 5

I buy elongated pennys sometimes or make them qhen I see a machine. Wonder who has the biggest collection of them ?


Level 5

Interesting. And wow, CoinHunter, that is a lot!


Level 5

Nice flattened pennies! I have over a 100


Level 7

Thanks for the information. There is a whole site on every machine in the U.S. They tell you where they are and what they put iut. Many people collect these. I like them. There great to collect were ever you go. Enjoy them. Some are very detailed. Thanks again.

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