Whitman - Western Publishing Company Play Money

09 Apr 2021

When I was a kid, my parents made me a millionaire! All it took was a trip to the local Ben Franklin Five-and-Dime store, where literally anyone could pick up a stack of dough for a song. Of course, every note of this million was not negotiable; but it was probably some of the best play money ever printed. Taking design cues from real American currency, Whitman Publishing (yes, THAT Whitman Publishing Company of Price Guide fame), at the time under ownership of Western Publishing Company in Racine, Wisconsin, put out these marvelous notes that doubtless filled wallets and purses of children around the nation. With slight modifications throughout their run, these notes were printed under both the Whitman and Western names; and I have seen at least one other name as well (The Watkins-Strathmore Co.). Perhaps it will seem silly to include play money in a numismatic collection; but I am quite sure the time spent as a child playing with these contributed to my interest in all things numismatic. So glad to have found a large stash of these for sale on eBay a few years ago. I hope my collection brings back some fun childhood memories for you. Enjoy!


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