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25 Jun 2022

Collecting Original U.S. Mint Wrapped BU Rolls

| Well worn Copper

I've never been much of a "roll collector" but lately have purchased a few for my collection. Roll collecting had it's heyday back in the mid 1960's, but went bust soon afterward. It was mainly driven by the depletion of silver in our coinage and was fueled by collector and investor alike. For a long time I viewed roll collecting as a form of hoarding, with storage being a main issue. What I've chosen to collect, however, are brief commemorative issues that were intended for circulation with relatively low mintages. These include the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial issues and the 2004-2006 Jefferson Westward Journey designs. What really makes these rolls interesting is their colorful original U.S. Mint wrappers. To me these wrappers are a key element. They certify the rolls contained were wrapped at the Mint and have never been opened. They usually sell at a small premium compared to no-name bank wrappers, but are well worth it. I've recently added a few 2009 Territorial Quarter rolls in original U.S. Mint wrappers as well, after researching just how minuscule their mintages were compared to the larger Statehood series. When you put them all together the wrappers really pop.



Level 4

Those are great! I have quite a few of the Lincoln cents. Don’t know what the original price was, but I happen to sell a few of mine recently. Got $10 per roll!


Level 5

I have a few 2009 Lincoln cent rolls.

Long Beard

Level 5

I have quite a few of these, some picked up for just under their issue price.


Level 1

It's pretty cool how the mint used to make different coin rappers. I think It's unique collecting them. Thanks for the facts!


Level 6

Great blog! I have never seen these special wrappers before! They are really cool! Good luck with your collection! ; )


Level 6

This is a unique way of collecting. Like the people that collect different slab designs. Good luck. Are you buying these off ebay or from the mint when they are first released?

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Thanks for the blog. I've recently started collecting mint rolls with the new Women's Quarters. ...I have no idea why though. Maybe someday they'll be worth something for my Great Great Grandchildren.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

So nice to see you around again. You are a legend here. Those coin rolls are great. I have admired your collection. That acquisition is a nice variety to add to your established collected items. The wrappings are rather appealing in design.

C.D. Harrell

Level 4

I never knew these coins were issued in special wrappers. Very cool, thanks for sharing!


Level 4

Storing mints rolls of coins can definitely be an issue. Current mint roll wrappers aren’t as colorful as the ones you shared, and original rolls do hold a premium. I like your idea of only collecting rolls of special issued coins. Interesting point you made about the mintage of other quarters since the state quarters ended. Enjoy your roll collecting. Some of those uncirculated coins will fair you will in the future.


Level 7

I know that years ago collectors would buy boxes of cents and put them away. They would stay red and years later have them graded. Then charge big bucks for them. Some do it today. Thanks for the blog!

Funny you should mention that. I've heard many coins that have natural toning were due to long-term exposure to the sulfur present in common cardboard roll wrappers. You just have to be patient I guess.

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