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05 Jul 2020


Coins in the Classroom | user_77425

I am doing a poster for 4-H and I need some fun facts about the association. Thank you to anyone that can help!



Level 4

I made a poster about coins for 4H as well! It was on error coins. That was the first activity I ever did for YN dollars!


Level 5

Should be plenty of fun facts on the site. Be sure to put Mike B. On your poster! 1st member to achieve 100,000 points in the blog area !


Level 7

Golfer that's nice but thanks and please don't put that in this collectors blog. Points show activity that's all. I worked hard. You get nothing for it I just like sharing my knowledge and collection. Every coin medal token I write about about I own. . Thanks good luck with your blog.

check out these two links that pertain to information about our beloved numismatic organization. In other words, check out the links, they should have plenty of facts to use: ( https://www.money.org/ana-history ) ( https://www.money.org/our-mission)

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