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16 Dec 2020

Bond on Coins and Stamps, 2020

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As the new Bond movie is set to come out April of next year, I suppose we dive into the topic of coins. And no, we are not taking a sub-car into the ocean. So without further ado, let us eject our seats to...

2020 was supposed to be a year of great movies. Wonder Woman 84, Black Widow, and countless others, including No Time to Die. With the corona pandemic striking the world after a bat was eaten, we wonder if the world will ever be back to normal. With the COVID pandemic, comes more time to talk about coins. Then, the marketers came up with an ingenious idea. Since more people wanted to watch movies and they where turning to hobbies, how about combining movies with coin collecting. That was what the Royal Mint and Royal Mail thought this year, and BOOM, comes a flurry of products.

Now, pay attention 007.

The primary coins that all stamp and coin packaging options were based off of are a trio of coins. The first has the Aston Martin DB5 speeding around the Swiss country side, looking for Goldfinger. The coin has the first of many famous quotes, "Bond, James Bond", repeated by every Bond since the movie Dr. No.

The second coin in the trio features the work of Q, primarily played by Desmond Llewelyn. The coin features the car sub from The Spy Who Loved Me, with a frontal view of the car swimming. The car features a quote from Desmond, "Now pay attention 007", a quote repeated many times while the touchy Bond touches everything in sight, including a smoke bomb from Thunderball.

The final coin features the end of the gun in the 007 logo, with Bond wearing a dinner suit. The witty quote is from Goldfinger, "Shaken, Not Stirred". This is the way Bond drinks his martinis. However, I would like to see him at a McDonalds, over Monte Carlo fancy restaurant. I would like to see his stir his French fry, to stir his Dr. Pepper. Just a thought.

By looking very carefully at the coins, you can see they all connect. Look at them all closely, is the titles of every Bond movie issued to date.

To cash in on the collectors who like rare stuff, the Royal Mint and Mail partnered up to pedal limited edition 1-ounce coins to the public, with a set of stamps. The first set is a first-day cover commemorating the work of Q Branch, headed by Q. This branch creates the neat gadgets that help bond survive his job and spy and blow things up. The set includes four stamps, featuring some of Q's most memorable projects, including the toy helicopter plane from You Only Live Twice. Also featured is the Sub Car, the Jetpack, and the Aston Martin DB5. The set's coin is the first coin with the DB5. The set's complete production is 1,000.

The second first-day cover produced this year is set commemorating the many Bonds over the years, and the art from them. The set has 6 stamps, one for each James Bond, with the man and the opening sequence from each movie. The set was also limited to 1,000 products.

Thank you. And hop back in the station wagon later for some more coin fun!



Level 5

Great collection of films. Thanks for the info.


Level 5

The Bond movies are among my favorites. Especially the classics, Goldfinger, Dr. No, etc. There is obviously a market for these coins but they aren't for me.


Level 6

James Bond=Sean Connery for me ; ) Nice collection!


Level 6

Only one James Bond: Sean Connery. I hope I spelled his name correctly. Theses coins are not for me but still kinda cool. Glad you like them. Thanks.


Level 5

I don't watch a ton of movies, and don't collect non-circulating coins, but still an interesting topic. Thanks for the blog!

I was able to buy TENET, a movie I was looking forward to see in movie theaters before the pandemic. At least the Mandolorian still kept on schedule. The bond films are great, and the coins aren't bad either!


Level 5

Very interesting.... I have not ever been a real fan of the movies, but he sure makes for some nice coinage! Cheers, NM


Level 5

Wow, So now Bond is PC? Tisk, tisk, tisk, the world is becoming such a sad place. Ditto Bama's comments on Moore and Connery, I love these coins, stamps also. If I had not totally blown my allowance in the months of Nov & Dec these would be possible. But alas, they will have to just wait...for now, (Dark, Evil laugh in the background). Dude, love this blog and these coins. Later!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I loved the two James Bonds, Moore and Connery. Haven't ever gotten interested in the new ones. Now this one coming with a female Bond? Garbage. I love the old movies but I'm not interested in the coins or stamps. It's an individual taste. "We collect what we like" and that's the great part of the hobby! Go for it!


Level 5

The female Bond is only the new 007. James Bond will be James Bond.


Level 5

James Bond movies were always a favorite with me. Like watching them over again. Very interesting blog on Bond coins and stamps. Thanks for posting, or I would of never heard of these. Even though I am a Bond movie fan, not going to purchase these. The low mintage might make them very collectible?


Level 7

Sorry not a big fan. There all the same. But Thanks for the info on the coins.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have always been a fan of the James Bond movies, the only Bond I did not like was Roger Moore, his tenure was a bit too flippant for my liking. Very nice collection.

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