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09 Dec 2020

Thy Fifty States of Coinage- Part 15- Iowa

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Welcome back into the station wagon, folks. And today, we will be heading to the Black Hawk State.Iowa was first inhabited by the hunter-gathers 13,000 years ago. By the time Joliet and Marquette sailed the Mississippi River, the tribes had developed into farmers, living off the land for food. This part of Iowa was claimed for France, and would remain a French Territory until the loss in the French and Indian War. Following the defeat, the area became a Spanish territory, a loose one at most, making money off of British and French fur traders. The territory became French again after the Treaty of whatever, which actually turned out to work out really badly for the Spanish. The territory became US territory after the Louisiana Purchase. Then, the territory became home to the Black Hawk War, led by Chief Black Hawk, whom the Army would later name their Cargo Helicopter after. In 1846, the territory of Iowa became a state.During wartime, Iowa sent agricultural products to the US Army, providing much of their grain. After a long time, the state finally mixed their economy into a part agricultural, factory state. Today, Iowa is a thriving state, known for the many country fairs along the highways. Famous people from Iowa include Chief Black Hawk, Norman Borlaug, Buffalo Bill, Johnny Carson, Grant Wood, Herbert Hoover, and John Wayne.Now, to our feature coins.For the 15th Time, the first coins to mind are the ATB and 50 State Quarters. The 50 State Quarter features a one-room schoolhouse, plus kids from the school planting a tree. The words FOUNDATION IN EDUCATION and GRANT WOOD are located on the coin. Rather subtly, the coin is a reference to Grant Wood's painting Arbor Day. I would of liked a bug-eyed Grant and a pitchfork, better.On the ATB Quarter, is Effigy Mounds NHS. The mounds are two bears, and an eagle. Release in 2017, this preceded many of its midwestern brothers, who would follow in the year.For fans of the older commens, there is the Iowa Centennial Half Dollar. The coin was one of the first after the Commemorative Bubble of 1936 crashed and burned. The coin features the The Old Stone Capitol in Iowa City, while the back, while on the back is ANOTHER eagle. The coin sold out very fast. In 2046, during the 200th bicentennial, 500 will be sold to the public in a sale.Later today, another mystery blog will be coming. On a completely unrelated note, what is your favorite Bond Movie?Thanks, and see you later on our tour of the US!

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