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04 Jun 2020


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Today is the day.
Finally, several months after the predicted day of the release of the 2020 National Basketball Hall of Fame Coins, today the coins finally come out at noon today.
Obviously, you can buy them straight from the US Mint, but certification offers are wide and complex.
PCGS is offering a special label for any coins that reach their headquarters in Santa Ana, California. Also, you can recieve an special orange colored box with every ceritification.
NGC, on the other hand, is offering an entire suite of coins label and certification options. You can opt for the traditional brown and early release labels, or special labels, including a brand new core.
Overall, you have many options to choose from. Good luck.
O', and you can also start sending in your basketball coins to certify now.



Level 3

I have no idea what this is.


Level 4

Yay..... more coins i cant buy because i suck at saving money... yayy.... at least my birthday is in.... 5.5 months.... :/

It's Mokie

Level 6

In a year, they will be selling at a considerable discount. (:

I really think it's high time the Mint stepped forward and requested a commemorative coin review board to screen out the multitude examples of legislation such as this. This very idea was floated back in the 1930's when the commemorative craze peaked. The dignity of the U.S. Mint is looking more and more like the Pobjoy Mint anymore, striking anything for a buck. I like modern commem's but want better ones. that's all. And dressing them up with colorful labels doesn't help, but NGC is trying to make a buck out of this too., so I can't blame them. Sure, there are numismatists who follow the sport and will buy them, but how many fans know, or care, or are even aware the half dollar is still out there today? Not many. So I wish them luck with this one, but I feel sales will sadly "dribble".


Level 5

You know, we may see a 1935 commerative bubble forming. Too much! The Apollo 50th was good, but the American Legion coins was just excessive. Not many people bought it either. I mostly stick to military commeratives or significant events.


Level 5

Definately not going to buy from mint and send off for certification. If I were to buy one, it would be after someone else gets it certified. Unless there is a low mintage, i am not interested in these sports coins right now. Thanks for the information.


Level 6

What Mokie said but double. Never was a B-Ball fan. Probably because I am tall and was always asked if I played it and why not??

MLB is more my thing... Anyhow it's a cool coin, I just don't really get into modern commemoratives...


Level 5

Yeah, I am more baseball than NBA, but I am getting the coin because I think it is pretty. Go Atlanta Braves!

It's Mokie

Level 6

They can take their fancy labels and orange boxes and stick them all into a deep dark cave under the respective NGC and PCGS offices. I am getting tired of their conniving ways and I will not participate in any way, shape, or form.



Level 7

Great blog !! Nice research. I was a big NBA fan when it was on top of the world. Back in the 1960's and 1970's Bill Russel of the of the Boston Celtics won 11 Championsips he called Michael Jordon when he won his sixth. And said kid when you get 11 call me. I met allot of the greats.and now you have Jordon telling the N.BA players off. Its so hard to run up and down the court for 20 minutes.I will not buy this coin. Its just another joke fromthe mint. Will they ever learn? I dont think so. One lousy comen after another. Besides Memories are real and those days i will not forget. I rather have memories than that coin. .. . .................................................


Level 5

About the Celtics Streak- Team included many of the all time greats, John Havlicek (RIP) , and Sam Jones. The team won 8 NBA titles in a row as part of their 11

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