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03 Jun 2020

Littleton's Price Gouging- How to avoid It

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Were going to take a break from the horrible coinage fails and talk about something else- Littleton Coin Company's constant price gouging. (Littleton please don't sue me, please)
Manyard Sundman, the founder of Littleton, believed that expanding advertisements to the general media over sticking to collector magazines would push Littleton Coin Company to success. Which it did.
Now, I firmly believe that Littleton is out to take advantage of the casual collector and rip every last dollar out of them.
Take a set of 1880 O's graded F-8, for example. 10 coins come in the set. All of these coins are worth about $350. So Littleton decides to sell them for $800, calling them rare, and stating that we will never see them again. To add further insult to injury, their albums are around $25, and folders $4. What they don't want you to realize is that many places sell them for slightly cheaper. Barnes and Noble sells the folders for $3.50, and Wizard Coin Supply has both albums and folders at a surplus, much cheaper than Littleton. You can see how Littleton price gouges constantly, using buzzwords to trick you.
The sad part is how they trick the unknowing. I mean, if collectors like us get scammed by them, it's on us because we know better. But they scam the general public into overpaying on coins that are worth much less.
To avoid price gouging, look around. Ebay generally has better prices, and many other places have cheap deals on supplies.
On yeah, Wizard sells Red Books for cheap. They sell them for normally around $10. But, the products (like a Mega Red I ordered one year) tend to come slightly damaged (I exchanged the book because I'm picky) but telling them to take care will do numbers in the care they place on your supplies.



Level 4

Littleton introduces many new collectors to the hobby. With that stated, I agree that many of their prices are horrendous and is usually several times the realistic value of the coin. They do not really "scam", as they do send what is being advertised, but the markups are pretty ridiculous.


Level 4

Their prices are very high in some of the adds I have seen. One of their adds I recall said something like, buy the coins of the great west, it included a buffalo nickel, a wheat cent, and some quarter I forget. Probably about 50 cents worth of value in there, but they valued it at a "bargain price of $5!" What was funny is that they were having a sale, and the original price was $8.


Level 6

Just stay away from them and forget they exist.

I buy folders off Whitman; ANA members get a 10% discount. It is disappointing to see various big-time companies that overcharge because they can...

Like the Moke, I did business with them as a kid but just once (come to think of it, my mother as the one who actually bought thru them). My biggest gripe with Littleton is how they want to send you stuff (usually crap) every month "for approval" which means you end up going back to the Post office to mail it back to them. I'd stay away from them no matter what they want to sell you.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I probably purchased some coins on approval when I was a very young collector but I would stay Miles away from them today. they are the magazine ad version of those horrible TV coin shows that are amusing to watch but sad when you think of the sales they are racking up.


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I bought some things from Littleton when I was a kid. Nothing to pricey. I received some foreign coins and foreign paper notes. Really enjoyed them at the time. Would not want to purchase much from them today. This reminds me, i never received my mega red book I ordered. Supposed to be shipped May 19th i think?


Level 5

I think May 19th was when the book actually came out.


Level 4

Um, I don't mean to be rude, but on the Sheldon Scale, the fine (F) designation starts at 12. But I do agree that they try to rip us off, as do many websites. My source https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-grading/grading-scale/adjectival-grades/


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Level 7

I dont buy from them. I did at one time and it was not the condition i was expecting.. They sell those fancy books to real you in . And whose coins do you fill them with. Theres. Not for me. I wish they would stop there letters with a cent on it. Thanks

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