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05 Jun 2020

Something Cool...

Coins | coinfodder

Here is some cool fodder to look at.
Go to govtrack.org and type in "Coins" into the search bar.
There, you can find House and Senate resolutions to create commemorative coins for a certain topic. FOR FREE.
Right now I am looking a senate resolution by Tim Scott and Cory Booker to create a coin that will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the intergration of MLB if passed. You can also look at the likelyhood that the coin will pass Congress.


Long Beard

Level 5

A topic I research from time to time, usually towards the end of the year.

I'd like to see the design feature Robinson stealing home... If they did that, or something similar, I'd actually probably buy it (generally I don't go for modern commems)


Level 5

Very nice information. Might be nice to see upcoming ideas or proposal's for commemorative coins.


Level 6

Sorry, I have about had it with all these crazy commems. Just me. Thanks for the heads up on this site though. Nice to see what they are doing.. Be nice if a collector was around them instead of PAC money.


Level 7

Those are the guys who ruin the modern Commens. In would rather watch T.V. Thanks for the information. They have no idea what collectors want . To them it's just another bill.

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