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25 Mar 2020

Support Your Local Coin Stores

Exonumia | coinfodder

Hey Folks.
During COVID-19, quarantines and other jolly stuff is forcing places to close. Restaurants, Small Businesses, and the ilk. But what about coin stores? Most of these don't fall under the "essential" business label, and are forced to shut down.
So want do we do?
Help them, of course! Donate meals to them. Some of these folks only get money from the store they own, and because of that, may have trouble providing food to them and there families.
Help them when their store opens back up. Make a big purchase to keep them afloat.
Thanks,YN and Boy ScoutUser 77959



Level 6

Always nice to support local businesses


Level 5

Will certainly help all i can when this is over. Trying to support smalll business now as best I can. Really sad our coin shows are being cancelled. Was planning on being fairly active, but now not active at all. Our coin club show is in September. Stay safe everyone.


Level 6

My guy closed up last week.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Luckily, both the local coin shops I visit do the bulk of their business online or with other dealers, I am thinking they will be OK. However, with all the coin shows shutting down, that has got to be a problem for the whole industry. I will concentrate on keeping my family safe and provisioned. It is a bit easier, being retired, as I have a source of income that is not tied to the fortunes of an employer. Hopefully, we will all get through this and the stimulus package will bolster businesses so they can get a good start in a few months when the danger posed by Covid 19 is minimal.


Level 7

My wife has been going for four days helping four woman with supplies. Im quarteened docs orders. I worry about her allot. Yes its great sh does it. But i worry about her and our family. Shes doing it for woman whos kids just forgot they had a mom. Thats a crime. I rold her to slow down. What can you do.


Level 5

Excellent point. I hope busineses' like these aren't overlooked in the stimulus package.

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