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12 Aug 2020

The National Coin Shortage- Hoax or Justified?

Exonumia | coinfodder

Well folks, as you see at the stores, there is a National "Coin Shortage" going on at the moment. To most, this was caused by the guy who ate a bat in China and spread "the virus" to the United States and beyond. While I think this is partially true, I think there is another underlying reason behind the shortage. My culprits are...

1...Folks staying at home due to the Virus

This is sort of a tie in to Virus point in the intro, but as we are probably were, we were holed at home. Some states were lucky and came out of lock down quicker. However, we saw many things happen that don't happen, like people picking up new hobbies (I began writing in here in March right before Coronachan hit), to women shaving their whole heads. Based on that thinking, people may of found out about the 50 State Quarter's Series and The America the Beautiful someway or another. Those newbies who find out search pocket change, and keep the ones they need for their folders, causing less and less quarters to reenter circulation. (By the way, I hope these newbies join the ANA.)

2... The Credit Card Industry.

Here is were I hit my first hoax. I think a reason for the ongoing coin shortage is that the credit card industry concocted it. My idea for this theory- they told everyone about the coin shortage to hook people on credit cards. Which leads me to...

...3...The Government Faked it.

It is know by both Democrats and Republicans that the sons of J. Edgar Hoover and the CIA in Langley like to spy on you. To get even deeper into the private search and shopping habits of people (the CIA knows what coins we buy) they told everyone there was a coin shortage. Then, they hope that you would hook onto a credit card. Which would allow the FBI to track you.

Got anymore nutty theories? This is not really a numismatic post, but it involves coins and is a goopy, fun forum. See you later!


It's Mokie

Level 6

the short-term coin shortage is not a hoax nor is it entirely true. There are literally billions of coins in jars all over the United States. 99.99% of those coins are worth face value only. Plenty of coins around, just our natural inclination to hoard things at play.


Level 6

Something is going on. Not sure yet. Thanks.


Level 7

Well we're I live it hasn't hit get I live in an outer borough of N.Y. A small town called Bay Ridge. Possibly because by far the Federal Reserve Bank is thirty minutes by car. If it hits we will adjust. Or the mint cutting back will make rarity of all the coins they didn't make.. I can't deal with this. There are no signs saying please use credit cards or debit cards .yet.


Level 5

Here in Georgia, there are signs everywhere asking us to use credit card.


Level 6

I don't see it is much of a problem


Level 5

I've read and heard different things on a shortage. I think its a minor issue now and coins are back again. I do have a bunch of coins to take in to the bank. If everyone cashed in their piggy banks, there would be a coin excess !!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Yeah but you might overlook something very collectable! I have at least 7 years of change piled up

Odd theories, but I don't think the ANA is the place to share them lol.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have a different take on it, I'll discuss with you privately. I try to stay away from politics in an open forum. Politics has wrecked sports for me. My NFL team who I followed for 50 years is now gone. We all need refuges where we can just enjoy something without a huge argument and bruised feeling over politics. Don't get me wrong, a discussion of the coin shortage is appropriate,,,,, There is a coin shortage, because businesses aren't circulating coins and people are staying home and not spending them. I think those are the two biggest reason. A minor factor might be the mints closing for a couple of months, but they keep stamping them out in large quantities....


Level 5

Very well stated, I agree totally.

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