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01 Jun 2022

US Mint: The Government's Sentinent Derp

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My quarantine from visiting the US Mint's webpage has ended. Lets take a trip and see what we find, shall we?

Keep in mind I haven't really paid much attention to the numismatic world sense school began, so now that school is over, lets see what is going on today...

We see some new commemorative coins, a rather typical release schedule (typical of Ryder's mint) and your typical hyper inflated mint releases.

But that wouldn't be enough. Here at the library we have free internet so we can explore the inter webs a bit...


"Racial Turmoil Mars Signs of Progress at U.S. Mint" NEW YORK TIMES
"2022 Morgan and Peace Dollars scrapped as Silver deposits slow for year"US MINT. YOU CANCEL PERHAPS THE ONE THING THAT IS KEEPING YOUR MINT RUNNING AND CUT MOST OF THE SCHEDULE IN HALF?! AT LEAST COVID GAVE YOU A DARN EXCUSE! Oh yeah, because you still blame COVID for messing with supply. Well, brother, most shipments across the world have mostly recovered from the pandemic. But its the government.

I have come to a cruel realization: David Ryder and the US Mint is a Lolcow. But a lolcow, you may ask? How can they be a lolcow? They are one of the reasons we can enjoy collecting these coins. Simple answer to a simpleton question. Ryder. He is the sentinent veggie of a man who is running this operation and this hobby into the darn ground. YOU, MR RYDER ARE IN CHARGE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE US MINT. YOU ARE A LOLCOW.

On top of all of that, what is that monstrosity known as the National Medal of Honor Silver dollar? Colorized? Are you freaking serious? I get how a meme coin like the Naismith Basketball HOF coin was colorized, but something as serious as this? You just cheapened the entire effect that the coin could have on a person. YES, I KNOW THERE WAS A PLAIN VERSION BUT THIS IS JUST A MONEY GRABBING SCHEME FROM THE MINT. TWO VARIETIES OF THE SAME COIN, BUT ONE WITH A CHEAPENING COLOR PLASTIC SCHEME OVER IT. Really Ryder? This is akin to taking 2005's Marine Commemorative and smacking color on it and calling a day. Ruins the entire god-darn effect of the thing. Like seriously. DO YOU WANT THE US MINT TO TURN INTO THE ROYAL CANADIAN MINT? BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING A SERIOUSLY GOOD JOB OF DOING THAT RIGHT NOW.

Lets go over to quarters now. There is no way Ryder can screw these up. Look at the 50 State and ATB Quarters. Look at those things. Don't tell me Ryder can't replicate the succ... WHY RYDER WHY!? I feel this is a step in virtue signalling. With the political climate there couldn't have been a worse time to release these. Most of your loyal buyer base (not real investors) are white conservative men. Half of these people will feel like they have no connection to this coin. To them, they feel they are irrelevant because of their gender, and because they feel that these coins are an endless pile of Social Justice that has been beautifully served on a platter. This is why timing matters. They could of waited to slowly, and quietly release these without the media getting so excited about these, but NOPE. You decided to type these up to the moon and back these last few years to the point where EVERYONE, not just the conservative faithful, are sick of these. And the designs are, just ok. Just ok. Not bird-fetish ATB style bad, but still odd. That Anna May Wong face, just scares me for some reason.


Please ask Numimaster (Preston) for link. I have been providing the editing Link.

Link to TheNumisMaster's website and Centsearchers Newsletter. On his behalf, I am asking for subscribers. It is completely free. -www.numismastery.weebly.com

Guess the Song Lyrics: Last Time: Brick on the Wall, Part II

I've been looking at the sky

'Cause it's gettin' me high

Forget the hearse 'cause I never die

I got nine lives

Cat's eyes

Abusin' every one of them and running wild



Level 6

Not a fan of the Mint... ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

HUGE AC-DC fan, since the beginning. And I'm shocked that you did not throw Wilma Mankiller into that second from the last paragraph! Shame on you.


Level 6

How do you really feel?

It's Mokie

Level 6

I found your blog effort somewhat asinine, but that's just me.


Level 4

Wow. That was fun to read lol.


Level 4

I agree with what you have said, especially about the American Women Quarters. Have you seen the 2023 honorees?! They are random people no one has heard of except Eleanor Roosevelt. Coin collectors are a dying breed, and putting designs in our change (that nobody really looks at, and because of inflation a quarter isn't worth a lollipop), is not going to help. The only honoree they have released so far that I think actually DESERVES the honor is Dr. Sally Ride, the first woman in space. The coin program that may get people into the hobby I came up with would be called the 'United States Mint Quarters', which would feature quarters with different designs showing the mints, minted by the mint it depicts. They could even include the US Mint HQ in Washington, which would be struck by Philly of course.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Hope things will get better .


Level 4

Ryder is gone. And all the coins being produced are legislated by Congress for the mint to produce. Are all the designs ideal, by a numismatist standard, that’s personal opinion, but there are plenty of people in the creative process, that the director has little actual say in final coin design. Other than obtaining the metal for the coins, which is also legislated (read Mike’s blog on it), there is little any mint director can do, when the law doesn’t allow them to obtain the metal to produce the coins. The mint like any other federal government agency is a bureaucratic nightmare. I can personally speak at length about this, but won’t. Ideally the mint is at least getting back on track to release coins on time.


Level 7

I can understand you being upset. I think we all are. Ryder left the mint last year at the end of the year. Two much last year. But as it says in the Numismatic News it the four statues that are tying the hand from buying silver. I wrote a blog on it and you can read the four statues with a magnifying glass. If its selling for to much over spot they cannot buy silver.. I'm not making this up.. Read it on my page. I have been writing the mint for two years now about Ryder.I have asked others to do the same. Finally he's gone. And with these statues they will not relax them to buy more silver because of our 30 trillion dollar debt. I wrote so many times I thought I would be arrested. Even sent an email to the Treasury Department. . You don't have to leave a comment but read what's going on. .

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