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30 Dec 2022

1943-S DDO quarter

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This is a really cool coin I found at my grandparents place while I was just wandering around and looking around and in a little box in my mom's old room I found the quarter in there. So I showed it to my grandpa and as was looking through a little magnify glass I saw the doubling. It was quite a surprise saying that I pulled it out of a random little box. We think it may have come from my great grandpa as a gift for someone in the family. The coin isn't in that great of condition but it still is a valuable coin. One of the first error coins I found!



Level 4

It could just be me, but it looks more like machine doubling to me. It is really hard to tell, given the low grade of the coin (AG-G). I couldn't see any doubling on In God We Trust or Liberty, but again, it's really hard to tell from afar and with the quality of the coin. Interesting find, nonetheless, and cool story.

Long Beard

Level 5

Only a dedicated collector would think of examining a well worn common date Washington for any error. Excellent!


Level 4

Nice variety, here's the link to the PCGS listing: https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/1943-s-25c-doubled-die-obverse/5823 It is probably worth around $40, a very nice cherrypick to round out the year

AC coin$

Level 6

These sort of coins are really worth it! Great hunt on that coin which will be admired thru your collection. Never give up. Happy New Year.


Level 6

This is a very cool find! Especially since it belongs in your family! Good for you and keep coin hunting! ; )


Level 5

Awesome find ! Silver quarter is nice. My grandfather used to save his change and give the change to me when I visited. Was exciting to look for wheats and silver possibly. Nice find !


Level 7

Keep looking. I looked were I thought I wouldn't find anything. My wife's piggy bank. It had just about everything. And the couch. I found wheat cents !! You never know!! Good hunting !

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