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26 May 2019

Account Picture and Name

| MS70Jay

How do I add a Picture and change my name on my account here on ANA ?



Level 7

Longstrider said it best. My account to go my privacy settings to go the bottom you will see change Avaitar. Pick a picture from your storage area it will come up. Once you play with it and get it centered make sure you hit save. Or else goodby. That should do it. If it doesn't take do it again. You will get it.

Longstrider seems to have covered it


Level 6

Just go to the "Search" at the top right hand side. The ANA should put out a booklet of etiquette, questions and answers and general information upon signing up for membership.


Level 6

On the bar at the top, go to MY ACCOUNT. Next click on MY PRIVACY SETTINGS. Just follow the promps.

Thanks for the help. I also have been trying to add an avatar picture. This site is not the most user friendly, but then again, not the worst I have to deal with.

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